State Attorney Gets Complaint: Broward Health Commissioner Threatened Woman!




Broward Health is a mess.

Another complaint has been filed with the State Attorneys Office involving the public health care system. It is alleged that Christopher Ure used his position as a Broward Health Commissioner to threaten a woman he met using a phony name online.

This is at least the second formal complaint concerning alleged illegalities by the commissioners, who have botched governing Broward Health for at least two years.

The results of this mismanagement is that:


  • Broward Health has deteriorating finances.
  • Broward Health’s bond rating has declined.
  • Broward Health has been hemorrhaging patients, many choosing to go to the public Hollywood-based Memorial Health System and a slew of private hospitals.
  • Broward Health’s employee morale appears to be free falling.


And Broward Health Commissioners, who are supposed to run the system, have done nothing to stop the decline.

Since CEO Dr. Nabil El Sanadi suicide in January, 2016, commissioners have hired four interim CEOs.

Four CEO’s. In roughly 19 months.

The latest CEO is Beverly Capasso, who was a fellow commissioner when they hired her and agreed to pay her almost $1 million annually almost without comment. The Sun-Sentinel called State Attorney Mike Satz to investigate the hiring, especially since Capasso voted to give herself the job.

Satz can add it to the Sunshine Law investigation already under way targeting commissioners .

The latest complaint to Satz concerning Ure is based on a post on Dan Lewis’ blog.

This one is a shocker.

Lewis writes that Ure “apparently used his position as a Broward Health Commissioner to threaten his (a woman).”

Christopher Ure


Lewis headlines his post “Bully Busted!” His blog contains copies photos that Lewis writes were e-mailed by Ure to the woman.

“Christopher Ure and Jane Doe met online late in 2015.  He used “Guy Weston” and “” as his online profile (clever, he lives in Weston and he’s a “guy”).  He also used an anonymous google voice number 770-580-4009 to keep his communications secret,” Lewis writes.

I’ll let Lewis explain it all here.

The allegations against Ure are just one more act in the three-ring circus that Broward Health has become.

The blame lies with one person: Gov. Rick Scott.

It is Scott who appointed the commissioners, who are clearly not up to the task of leading the health care district.

It is Scott who has not filled the vacancies on the commission. There has not been a full seven-member commission for months.

Scott’s failure to straighten out the system illustrates the problem of a billion-dollar government appointed solely by the governor. Too often the appointees are political donors rather than leaders. Political hacks instead of visionaries.

This has happened under both Republican and Democratic governors.

Broward Health is in such chaos today that Satz should consider a Grand Jury investigation. Perhaps the jurors could suggest ways to clean up the mess.

And right at the top of what Satz should have jurors examine are Lewis’ allegations.



6 Responses to “State Attorney Gets Complaint: Broward Health Commissioner Threatened Woman!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dan, like you have any right to comment on anyone’s infidelity? You really are pathetic…

  2. yogie says:

    When patients who don’t have insurance end up dying in the street the mainstream press and community leaders will be held accountable for not standing up now, help those left at broward health caring for patients.

  3. It's A Disgrace says:

    …Mr. Lewis… doesn’t chair a Board of Directors who controls over a BILLION dollars of our tax money. He did not use that position to try and intimidate an ex-lover. This leader of the band of renegades running Broward health was appointed by Gov. Scott. If Gov. Scott had one iota of care for the citizens of the district he would clean house. Unfortunately he won’t even get off his duff and appoint qualified people to the open Board positions that have remained unfilled. I believe his reason for this is that he actually likes the disfunction going on so he can make the argument that the entire district needs to be privatized. That is his true objective. So I won’t be holding my breath waiting for Gov. Scott to do anything about Mr. Ure or any of the other shenanigans going on at Broward Health.

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    What a target rich environment to comment on. This is quite a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about getting some strange. Jane Doe sure sounds like a bitchy nightmare. Holy Crap! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No kidding.

    Dan Lewis misquotes Robert Taylor saying he used the words “very Powerful job” when in fact he said “very important job”. There is a huge difference between the two words, in both definition and contextual use. I don’t know the tone of Taylor’s voice but the written words do not spell out any threat to me. Lewis also called the the church’s leaders misogynistic. WTF? What would any other organization do about some woman making personal complaints about a member? They would ignore it.

    Finally, Chris Ure, what a dumbass. You have taken what was a tawdry personal situation and turned it into a possible crime. Total fail.

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Its not just Broward General with their issues and drama.My late mother was admitted to Holy Cross and oh my God talk about issues and drama.Long story short they received not one dime through Medicare(oh i know im sooo stupid).Anyhow rezt assured the hospital now reaches hospital industry standards.All this crap with Broward advice go to Imperial Point.Now that hospital is impeccable.They need entire new board of director s.Buddy with all these issues with Broward could devout your entire blog with all these shenanigans…

  6. Pick ONE says:

    Apparently Chris Ure is not only an elder but also the President of the board of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale ( according to Sunbiz. All of his public websites (I’ve found 5 he devoted solely to himself…talk about overkill) make note of his church involvement. This is so hypocritical…a girl you actively seek out online on a dating website then give her a hard time when she finds out and decides to voice her concerns to the church. People can do whatever they want morally. Totally up to them and their wives. But guys like this should not be in moral leadership roles, where they’re pretending to be righteous while leading double lives….I mean, come on! This guys got some ego thinking he’s entitled to do both behind everyone’s back. So he covered it up. Nobody cares what he does as long as he just picks ONE. Church leadership or lie to your wife and find girls online.