Slammed In Last Job Because Of Bad Audits, Now Hired By Broward Schools






The Houston school executive chosen to manage Broward’s school construction was slammed for running a program that overpaid contractors and allowed lawful spending caps to be circumvented.

Leo Bobadilla, chief operating officer of the Houston school system, is due to be hired on Superintendent Robert Runcie’s recommendation on Tuesday.


Leo Bobadilla

Leo Bobadilla


Runcie wants Bobadilla to be named Broward Schools Chief Facilities Officer.

Bobadilla would be largely responsible for the construction generated by the $800 million bond referendum passed last year and the additional tens of millions funneled from Tallahassee.

He would be paid $185,706, a cut of roughly $30,000 from his Houston salary of $215,000.

Maybe he is willing to take a pay cut because of the bad reviews his construction program is getting in Houston.

In a searing audit, Bobadilla’s construction efforts were accused of “weak supervision and not enough competitive bidding,” according to a report two days ago in the Houston Chronicle.

If that wasn’t enough, Houston School Superintendent Terry Grier concedes the system may not have enough money to complete the construction program that was promised.

Houston school personnel, including Bobadilla, called the audit “flawed.”

According to reports in the Houston Chronicle:

“The auditors found that the district appeared to skirt a $500,000 contracting cap multiple times by improperly submitting separate work orders tied to the same project. The auditors also noted that the district failed to catch inaccurate and inappropriate charges and at times asked the school board to sign off on work after it had been done.

“‘State law and district policies were at the very least ignored, but more likely knowingly circumvented,'” HISD trustee Anna Eastman, a member of the board’s audit committee, said Wednesday. “‘I’m not satisfied with the administrative response of ignorance and, ‘We’ll do it differently next time.’ Someone needs to be held accountable for this.'”

School Board members are called “trustees” in Houston so it is clear that Bobadilla has lost the support of some of the elected officials who run the Texas school system.

Bobadilla was picked by a committee five of Runcie’s appointees:  Robert Hamberger, chief building officer; Jeffrey Moquin, chief of staff; Daniel Gohl, chief academic officer; Maurice Woods, chief of operations and Tracy Clark, Runcie’s spokeswoman.

The five recommended Bobadilla because of education, professional experience and his answers to questions during an interview, states the two-page background document made public.  He has a law degree from Florida A & M University, a masters in business administration from Webster University in Missouri and an undergraduate degree from Warner University, Lake Wales, Fl.

Runcie accepted their choice and is scheduled to formally announce it to the School Board at Tuesday’s meeting.



Two Houston Chronicle stories can be seen here and here.

59 Responses to “Slammed In Last Job Because Of Bad Audits, Now Hired By Broward Schools”

  1. Sto says:

    When is this school board going to fire Runcie and his corrupt cronies

  2. Mia says:

    He fits right in!

  3. Nick Sakhnovsky says:

    This nominee should be aware that our rules are actually stricter than those in Texas.

  4. Sweet Pea says:

    Gohl appears to be a great hire from Houston. Then there is the new guy Bobadilla. According to the newspaper acticles there seems to be $200 million missing and Broward is going to hire him?! Runcie was not in a hurry to hire so many other cabinet level executives but this one he has done in record time. Perhaps more time is needed?

  5. MoreBS says:

    He will fit right in!

  6. MoreBS says:

    Just goes to show that education does not teach you integrity.

  7. MoreBS says:

    “Leading Ladies, when are you going to start leading and stop this cycle of irresponsible nonsense and gross irresponsibility?

  8. Howard the Moron says:

    and this surprises anyone, why? Broward hired Runcie and all of his corrupt politics. Serves you right. One day, I hope, Broward voters will wake the fukk up and become normal.

  9. A reader says:

    Didn’t Karnack say the School Board hires cronies? This is just another example of the top administrator surrounding himself with his like.
    Many Superintendents have done so. Runcie is just continuing the tradition.

    Maybe the Board can do its homework and cancel this appointment. Broward’s students and taxpayers deserve better.

  10. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack ROTFLMAO. Karnack foretold they will only hire useful idiots willing to do stupid things. Karnack says we can expect great things based on established track record. Karnack says unless of course a leopard can change its spots. Karnack says unlikely so train looking good for new passengers.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Why am I NOT surprised? Because time after time after time employees are hired by governments in South Florida because they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA so that either “higher ups” can control the new “independent” and “qualified” employees or some vendor, current employee, or political macher has a “connection” to them! WHY WAS THIS HOUSTON, TEXAS school board official chosen as opposed to a South Florida person WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF OUR POOL OF S da”UPPLIERS, COUNTY DEMOGRAPHICS and PHYSICAL LAYOUT? Are you going to tell me someone who deals with TEXAS SUPPLIERS would “immediately know from day one” about pricing, availability, and shipping reliability of vendors here in FLORIDA? Did the staffers who recommended this person recommend him because with NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE LOCAL SITUATION they could “run cycles” around him to protect their little “sturf interests”? That he doesn’t do a good job where he is seems to be a RECOMMENDATION TO THESE STAFFERS or was pressure applied to pick this “weak link” from above?

  12. Blame School Board says:

    The School Board refuses to do its job and reign in RuncieHe lies to them and they smile back. Abby Freedman and Ann Murrey are the worst. They were nothings without real accomplishments before they were elected and now are worse as they are doing real damage. Only Nora Rupert and Heather Brinkworth do their jobs!!! Runcie tried to get rid of them in the election with candidates against them and he failed. We need a new superintendent to insure the bond money get spent properly!!!!

  13. An Observation says:

    Just another example that in a few years you will be hearing about the wastefulness of the $800 million spent and everyone blaming others. Plus they are going to want more money to fix what they didn’t, but promised, this time.

    While the money was needed, it is clear that everything Runcie is doing, and the School Board is allowing him to do, points to future problems. Can’t they see it, it’s a no brainer.

    Unless the School Board takes action on this I will start working to replace any Member who does not oppose such poor decisions.

    It’s history repeating itself and no one is learning from it. Ironic that it is coming from inside the school system, which says a lot about the state of our education system.

  14. Peter McIntosh says:

    I believe any appointee to the position of Chief Facility Officer recommended by this Superintendent would have been criticized by the usual Bloggers and Nay Sayers.

    Please, for heaven’s sake, let the man assume the position before condemning him for failure. The one good thing about experience is that the errors of your past will determine your decisions in the future.

    Who among us would have done something different or even made different decisions if we knew then what we know today.

    The US administration of the day thought that there was an urgent need to invade Iraq. Knowing what we know today; rather than invading Iran the first plan of action is the path of constructive negotiations.

    Let us not go to WAR with Leo Bobadilla before we know what he has in his arsenal.

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am sorry to blog twice on the same issue, but the schools he attended are academically fifth rate! I would embarassed if any firm I invested in hired anyone with such a pitiful academic resume with absolutely NO PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS to compensate for such a dismal educational background.

  16. Peter McIntosh says:

    HISD chief operating officer wins national service award

    The Council of Great City Schools has presented its 2014 Distinguished Service Awleoard to HISD Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla for his dedication to urban education. He received the honor at an awards banquet Wednesday during the council’s four-day Chief Operating Officers Conference in New Orleans.

    The council, which brings together the nation’s largest urban public school systems in an effort to improve the education of urban schoolchildren, awards this honor to school chiefs who demonstrate a personal commitment to leadership, innovation, and professionalism in urban education. This is the eleventh year the award was presented to a school district chief operations officer.

    Bobadilla, who joined HISD in 2010, provides leadership to a team of nearly 7,000 HISD employees in transportation, police, food services, business assistance, and construction and facility services. He oversees an annual operating budget of more than $240 million for all business operations areas. He also oversees two district bond programs that total more than $3 billion and a real estate portfolio of more than 30 million square feet.

    Bobadilla played a key role in helping HISD pass the biggest bond program in Texas history in 2012, a nearly $2 billion bond package to build new 21st century schools across the district.

    “Leo is committed to ensuring all of our operations are handled efficiently,” said HISD Superintendent Terry Grier. “But he is more than just a numbers-cruncher. He is one of the most ardent believers in our mission at HISD, which is to boost student achievement, to help all of our youngsters reach their potential. His contributions to HISD reflect the very best of public service, and there is no person more deserving.

  17. Peter McIntosh says:

    Cut and paste the following link to view the full article Re: Audit finds weeakness in HISD Bond Management:


    If I was hiring somebody to run such a key program, I would never hire somebody with a potential cloud over their heads. There are too many others — in the private and public sectors — to hire.

    Another problem: This guy from Houston will take some time to become oriented in Broward. More delays to a program that is, regardless of what Runcie says, is already delayed?

  18. Shocking Just Shocking says:

    This is shocking…….
    Someone make this madness stop

  19. MoreBS says:

    What does the School Board do, go to Google and type in “construction screw ups”?

  20. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    I think no reputable professional would take a job with Broward’s Facilities Dept.

    It’s only going to get worse. And the lemmings who elected the majority of the Board will continue to scurry over the cliff, taking the students, teachers and the public with them.

  21. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Is anyone else wondering if Peter McIntosh is a pen name for maybe one or more of the sup’t.’s flunkies?

    Funny talking about errors of the past. Will you stoop at nothing to make excuses for this disaster of a Facilities Dept. and the administration’s responsibility in creating it?

  22. Terry Grier says:

    Please know that neither Leo Bobadilla or his staff have none nothing wrong and have not mismanaged our bond project. Inflation and tremendous growth in the construction market in the Houston area resulted in a 30% + increase in school construction cost. Period. We would be very sad to see Leo leave our team! —Terry Grier, Superintendent HISD

  23. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    what is the Council of Great City Schools? Yet another non profit funded by tax money thru recommendations from financial officers in mis-managed urban failing school districts to give out undeserving awards to hide the lazy uneducated clowns that have destroyed our once great urban schools?

  24. Amazing Karnack says:

    Dear Peter McIntosh,

    Karnack says OMG. Karnack says Council of Great City Schools collects dues and passes out awards to those who pay. Karnack says what happened to hiring somebody who actually has construction experience. Karnack says last 4 chiefs had no construction experience, should we give them more breaks? Karnack says how did that work for the District?

    Karnack says your arguments so week as to be pathetic. Karnack says RunDMC has over spent all political capital. Karnack says he needed to be extra careful not carefree on this hire. Karnack says he needed to show all that he has the ability to analyze the situation and make the best decision. Karnack says he should be listening to those who have knowledge in this area and not you who was hired to spin events and place lipstick on the pig.

    Karnack says bottom line Run didn’t need to come close to a hire that was certain to generate more head scratching than wow he finally got it right. Karnack foretold that a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Karnack says we should learn from failed history not repeat it. Karnack says maybe you are willing to roll the dice. Karnack says public trust is nothing to gamble with. Karnack says especially when you are already in the red. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.


    How about a revolutionary idea: Have folks with construction experience help hire the head of school construction, instead of a bunch of educators reporting directly to Runcie. His spokeswoman! Give me a break!

  25. Jason Spencer says:

    Leo Bobadilla is a skilled leader and man of great integrity. He has a hard-earned reputation as a by-the-book public servant and the children of Broward County would be very fortunate to have him overseeing the construction and maintenance of their schools. Those of us who have worked closely with Leo over the past seveal years have the utmost respect and admiration for him.

  26. carolina says:

    Nora & Heather, we need you now – is there any wonder that parents are choosing charter schools for their children now more than ever before? The Chicago regime is destroying the Broward school system with the blessings of a few board members who are not concerned with our kids, our teachers, or our schools. Hopefully those lax minded school board members will be remembered at election time.
    Stand your ground, Nora & Heather – all of us need you!

  27. I got the message says:

    Robert W. Runcie has sent a message. The message is clear. The message is to; every taxpayer in Broward County, every parent and every student associated with or in the Broward County School System and every employee of the Broward County School District. That message is: “I am going to do what I want, SCREW YOU ALL and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

    I got the message.

  28. Here we go again says:

    That was fast! I’m sure with his track record, he’s not worried about the $30,000 pay cut. He’ll make that up in kickbacks. I’m more concerned about this “Peter McIntosh.” How much is he getting paid for his overtime PR? You don’t hire someone to manage roughly $800 million worth of facilities projects who has a record of not delivering and reports claiming inaccurate and inappropriate charges unless you’re a corrupt politician from Chicago. Well, we already know that’s the case but look the hiring committee! Runcie really brought in his D Team! Where were Wanza and Hunter for this interview? I guess “Maurice lost in the Woods,” “Tracy Usless from Chicago Clark,” and “Jeff Chief of Incompetent Staff Moquin” really did their research. Dan Gohl has stayed in one position more than 2 years and is from Texas too! That’s The new Broward. We hire friends, favors and puppets, competence is not part of the criteria. The Board needs to vote NOOOO on this one! I don’t know wether this is the biggest joke on the agenda or Wanza as the new Chief of School Performance and Accountability Officer. This may be an attempt to draw attention away from making the most unethical Director in Broward, over accountability! Broward is a joke, the Superintendent and his administration is a joke and the Board is a joke. DO SOMETHING!


    I encourage all points of view in the comment section. Thus I appreciate “Peter MacIntosh” and his comments. I also have offered Runcie space here to write almost anything he wants, but it must be written for Browardbeat and not a repeat of anything that appeared in other media.

  29. Correction says:

    *Dan Gohl HASN’T

    With all of the errors in my comment, I could be the new Chief!

  30. Peter McIntosh says:

    Comment # 21………

    Please, Ms. Greenbarg stop the name calling and stick to constructive comments about the subject matter. You seem to be like an old crotchety unhappy person.

    Oh how better this world would be if we all shared your opinion on all matters.

  31. Peter McIntosh says:

    Dear Karnak,

    Read the last paragraph of the above article….”The five recommended Bobadilla because of education, professional experience and his answers to questions during an interview, states the two-page background document made public. He has a law degree from Florida A & M University, a masters in business administration from Webster University in Missouri and an undergraduate degree from Warner” University, Lake Wales, Fl.

    In addition, the gentleman is a Licensed General Contractor with a Florida Law License. His undergraduate degree is in Organizational Management.

  32. Sweet says:

    The school board voted (Tuesday morning) to approve Dr. Badadilla for the position of Chief Facilities Officer. Two of the speakers made very valid comments about the speed of which he was put before he board. As usual most of the board (5) voted for him while the 3 who question voted no. As the district moves forward, I can only hope the rest of the board starts examining what is being done more carefully.

  33. MoreBS says:

    Buddy, please print how each board member voted in regards to G-3 on today’s agenda.


    There were three votes against Leo Bobadilla: Nora Rubert, Heather Brinkworth and Robin Bartleman.

  34. MoreBS says:

    #30 Hahaha tell people not to name call, then name call. Hahaha.

  35. MoreBS says:

    #32 The fact is this board hears the concerns and ignores them. They could have done a lot of things today to show respect to the voters concerns and Ms. Korn did not. Period. It is blatant that until voters vote out this board, this nonsense will continue. It has been proven over and over. The only tool voters have is to vote and they simply don’t.

  36. Same ol mess says:

    HAHAAAHA….These posts are so entertaining….tell me this.. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE HAPPY WITH…. WAAHHH WWAHHHH WAHHHHH is all I am reading…LOL

  37. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Peter M:

    I struck a nerve. Funny comment, More BS.

    Your obvious pandering to the incompetent and corrupt makes your agenda clear.

    Your personal insults are right in line with the bosses you work for. And what you spew is exactly what the malfeasants have said about me and others who point out the obvious. And makes my point to boot.

    My views have been vindicated, going back in Broward to the failed “Penny for the Kids” scam, to my predictions about what QSEC would turn into, i.e., illegal text messages, money in doggy bags, Federal prison for a board member, to what the district would do with the present $800 million.

  38. Count LF Chodkiewiccz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Miss Greenbarg is an independent peson while those defending the Board of Education appear to be FAILED BUSINESS OWNERS who apparently live off money from non-profits FUNDED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION or other TAX MONEY! We the taxpayers are paying for people to screw us! People who blog who have A FINANCIAL INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT OF THEIR BLOGS SHOULD BE INDENTIFIED!

  39. MoreBS says:

    Maybe we should have hired Issa Dadoush instead of his boss:

  40. Becky Blackwood says:

    Let’s see:
    Since 1999, Broward County School Facilities Chiefs were experienced in:
    High School Vocational Technology
    Aeronautical Engineer
    High School Vocational Technology
    Prison Construction
    High School Vocational Technology
    Nautical Engineer
    Philosophy, 1 year MBA
    Today an Attorney, MBA and unknown Bachelor’s Degree
    What type and where is the contractor’s license from?
    What Contractor Experience?
    Knowledge of the State of Florida Building Code? Different from Texas
    Knowledge of the State of Florida’s Requirements for Educational Facilities?
    Knowledge of the Florida Sunshine Law?

    There were no qualified candidates in the State of Florida with construction or architectural degrees and construction experience?

    How do you head a construction program and not know you have a $200 million dollar deficit?

    How does an interview committee believe this is the best qualified candidate when our school district has been under grand jury investigations since 1995 because of incompetence and corruption?

    Just no other qualified candidate available with State of Florida experience?

    A qualified interview committee should have knowledge of construction techniques, construction law, State of Florida Building Codes and construction contracts to be able to ask knowledgeable questions in the interview.

    Mr. Moquin’s experience is in Risk Management since he became an employee and now is the Superintendent’s Chief of Staff. What other members of the committee have construction or architectural experience? Mr. Hamberger worked for the architect David Singer as a field representative on the same school projects Mr. Singer was sued for $13 million dollars in deficiencies with his prototypical schools in the 1990’s. The District won the lawsuit but only collected $750,000 of the $13 million because Singer did not provide the liability insurance required by his professional liability contract. Someone needs to ask what Mr. Hamberger’s construction experience was prior to working for Mr. Singer? Yet, the school board hired him as a inspector while this lawsuit was going on.

    As to the other members of the committee, how would they know if the answer to an interview question showed experience and knowledge, if they had none themselves?

    In such an important position, the Board members, who voted for this person, should have done their homework or positions of elected Board members at Broward Schools will be history. The Board of Education and the State of Florida threatened to eliminate the School Board positions after the last grand jury report. Sounds as if they have been given even greater cause after this.

  41. juliet hibbs says:

    This is another diagrace. But Runcie hired a fall guy! Runcie has NO interest in Broward, the staff, students, parents or tax payers! Why would.this be any different?

    Rick Scott’s office has been telling staff and parents that NO ONE can hold Mr. Runcie accpuntable! I believe the voters can by removing the 5 go along people. Dr. Osgood for SURE has to go!
    Oh and today, Donna Korn suggested that your.and all stories on this are untrue. :just because it is in the papers doesn’t make it true”

    I told HER, just because you want to pretend things are ok…doesn’t mean they are and added that if stories in the media are untrue then I guess I DID turn that student hay huh? Or something to that effect

  42. An Observation says:

    Now that the votes are in, I now know who I will and will not be voting for ever again and who will no longer get any more campaign contributions from me.

    Instead those votes, support and money will be going to their opponents. I hope others join in the same way.

    Enough is enough.

  43. Peter McIntosh says:

    To all the Nay Sayers….. it is a done deal.

    Thanks Ms. Charlotte Greenbarg, as per your post # 37 – yes your comments struck a nerve!!!!!

    I am so happy and grateful that you have never issued personal insults in any of your posts. I promise that this is the last time I will respond to comments from any disgruntled crotchety and unhappy person.

  44. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    “Naysayers” That’s the fave word of the corrupt establishment when they’re exposed and don’t like it. Peter McIntosh just exposed himself. So to speak.

    Count LF Etc., you’re spot on. My family business was one of the largest privately-owned of its kind in the country. We never nursed on the public teat. We sold it in 1993 and we all retired.

  45. More BS says:

    Yes, it’s a done deal and just a matter of time until the next article in the newspaper and the next audit and the next grand jury report and the next arrest and the next trial and the next felon.

  46. More BS says:

    Nobody takes a $30K pay cut and moves their family because they are a great guy.

  47. Runcie Delusional says:

    This is just one more example of Robert Runcie’s poor judgement. He hires a guy with substandard education for a job similar to one he failed at in the past. Runcie told Board that the problems in Houston were inflation. Bullshit. The audit clearly states that the problems were mismanagement. This guy was hired because he will be Runcie’s puppet and he looks like Runcie. The Board and Runcie should know that when you hire a new captain of the Titanic you go down with the Titanic.

  48. I agree says:

    I agree with #24, “Karnack says he needs to be extra careful not carefree on this hire. Karnack says he needed to show all that he has the ability to analyze the situation and make the best decision”. The best decision should NOT include policy violation, deception and FRAUD.

    I agree with #28, “we hire friends, favors and puppets…” In Chicago there is a saying “we don’t want nobody, nobody sent”. Google that saying. When they hire their friends, they LIE before the hire stating there are no new positions (only the one position) and they LIE after the hire stating interviewers were aware there were two positions.

    I agree with #35, “The fact is the board hears concerns and ignores them”. See comment #27, that message is not only from Runcie but is also from the Board.

    I agree with #45, “Yes, it’s a done deal and just a matter of time until the next article in the newspaper and the next audit and the next grand jury report and the next arrest and the next trial and the next felon”. You can rule out one next. An illicit action done in December 2012 requires compensation for the approval and authorization of that action. That action is not forgotten.

  49. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    More BS: Link doesn’t work but I bet that person wouldn’t think of working in Broward.

  50. Calcetines says:

    The Superintendent laid-off everybody in Facilities, because of the Grand Jury report. After three years nothing has been accomplished except spend taxpayers money with outside consultants, and nothing has been accomplished. They brought in a new guy from Chicago (Messier) to fisnish outsourcing the Facilities Department, a week after the board approves Geary, then he resigns, and is given $15,000 as a parting gift. Now they hire someone with a questionable background in Houston at a hefty price of $187,000.. You tax money at work everybody. SOS different regime.

  51. More BS says:

    #49 The link works for me. The headline is “HISD general manager of facilities resigns, says he felt muzzled” and gives a copy of his resignation letter:

  52. Audit Released says:

    Have to give it to Bob! He’s done it again! Way to get your puppets to approve this rushed hire, two days before the audit is released. So to the three Board members that voted NO, Thank you! To the corrupt and clueless, now what? First you say you can’t believe the newspapers and the blogs. Now what? Don’t believe the audit? Well of course, Texas staffers are saying the same while the Board sits there looking confused. To Osgood who voted Yes and said if the reports were true the Superintendent would be held accountable, I can’t wait to see you keep your word on this one. Don’t worry though, you still have time to back pedal! Of course the staff would like to use taxpayers dollars to hire an outside company to redo the audit. I say this guy fits right in here in Broward. Roll out the red carpet folks, we’ve got another winner!

  53. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    It is time to retire the five clowns who sold out both the students teachers and taxpayers who voted to hire this clown with endless third rate degrees and recruit five decent citizens to kick their patronage inflated backsides off the county school board

  54. Gerry Monroe says:

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking anyone from Houston will be great for your School system. Bobadilla is a crook. And you guys will find out soon enough he will be going to jail. Tell Him Mr Monroe From The UUAA is watching him. Im part of the reason hes gone from Houston. Hes a lyier and a thief. Tell him I said that. Go to my facebook page send me a request and watch your eyes light up. Gerry UUAA is my page name.

  55. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    More BS: Thanks, the link you posted worked.

    Yes, sounds like we got the wrong person, but that’s business as usual in SBBC. That’s why B

  56. Former employee says:

    Bobadilla is a weak leader who finds scapegoats for his failures instead of holding himself or his cronies accountable. He is arrogant and has a bad case of short man syndrome. He had several direct reports resign in his relatively short tenure including three Heads of Construction and Facilities Services . I personally got out of Houston because of him. Good luck Broward!

  57. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Sorry, it got truncated. That’s why the new guy fits in so well with the rest of the crew in Broward.

  58. Gerry UUAA says:

    It’s not fair to tarnish someone’s reputation like that without giving the accused the oportunity to respond. If he is a crook and liar in Houston he should have been indicted and convicted.

    Your statements could rise to the level of SLANDER more so if you are speaking in the capacity of chairman of the UUAA.

  59. Becky Blackwood says:

    To Calcetines:

    Not everyone was laid off in Facilities. The remaining “staff” have now been promoted to salaries of $100K or more;in spite of major project errors in major amounts of $500,000+, $700,000+(2),and the others made equal errors. The Union contract allowed those employees who had been there the longest were allowed to stay. Even though these individuals made major financial errors, they were allowed to evaluate themselves and therefore were never reprimanded or let go because they were “cooperative”.