Judge Hurley Teaches A Dirtbag Respect


Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley did good last week.

Hurley gave a dirtbag a lesson in respect and what happens when you talk back to a judge.

Accused criminal Brian Noval, 25, will now have four months in jail to think about the proper decorum in court.

This story has a happy ending for law-abiding citizens, but not for Noval who mouthed off to Hurley in court.  


jay hurley channel 4 picture

Hurley and Noval

 Noval didn’t like the way his bond hearing was going last week.  He was charged with agg. assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.

Hurley noted Noval was accused with going after the victim with a knife. Noval was already facing drug charges from earlier in the year.

Hurley believed that Noval had abused the freedom allowed him after the drug bust.  He ordered him held without bond.

Noval shuffled away, muttering Hurley was a “cock.

The crowd of inmates, lawyers and others in the courtroom gasped.  There was some laughter.

“What did he say?” Hurley asked. “Bring him back. Sir, what did you just say when you walked away?”

Hurley sentenced Noval to 60 days in jail for contempt.

Noval had some words with the judge.

Hurley sentenced him to another 60 days.

Good for you, judge. 

There is enough coarseness in society without allowing it to seep into the courtroom. 

The rest of us appreciate your toughness.  The cornerstone of our society is respect for the law.

Hurley understands this. 

Maybe Noval will understand something about respect after four months behind bars.


UPDATE:  Hurley let Noval out of jail after four days, believing he learned his lesson.

27 Responses to “Judge Hurley Teaches A Dirtbag Respect”

  1. Las Olas Law says:

    One more reason to re-elect Jay Hurley.

  2. FatHead says:

    Tough yes, but legally proper NO. That’s ok though. Who cares whether Hurley gave him a proper contempt hearing, as long as people like you Buddy are happy with it and say “Good for you, Judge,” and you speak for all of us when you state “The rest of us appreciate your toughness.” ????? This society really sucks. Full of hypocrites.

  3. Garfish says:

    I’m sure Noval will get a real lesson in what a cock is now.

  4. Silky says:

    This is why a lot of judges were against a full time magistrate. They knew one judge would become famous. Jealous little twits.

  5. S only says:

    60 days is enough…this is overkill.

  6. Bill Lewis says:

    I see nothing wrong with Judge Hurley’s ruling. One must learn to respect the judiciary. When appearing before the Court, this defendant not only admitted to the offense conduct with his comment, but disrespected the robe. Contrary to prior postings, it is the robe and the Court – not the person behind it that must be respected. Absent that, I hope you enjoy your stay in the Broward County Jail. Merry Christmas.

  7. Charley Varrick says:

    Good for you Judge Hurley. Oh were justice so swift in other cases. e.g. Why no arrests in the two British tourists that were killed on A1A in Ft Lauderdale in February ?

  8. Scott Gooding says:

    Excellent job Judge—He can use the four months as time served on the AGG Assault!

    Happy Holidays Mr. C—

  9. Blue Man Scoop says:

    Only a complete waste of space doesn’t know not to act the fool in front of the law.

  10. Karma says:

    Much to the surprise of many, Jay has turned out to be one of the best judges in Broward.

  11. Broward/Dade Lawyer says:

    He no bonded a defendant charged with a bondable offense. He held the defendant in contempt twice improperly. Those will be reversed soon by the appellate courts. Judge Hurley wasn’t listening when they taught contempt at judge school.

  12. Dear Broward/Dade Lawyer says:

    I also saw your post on JAAB. You said the same thing there. You were wrong then and you are wrong again.
    You need to review the video once. Sleep on it. Then, review it again. You will get it (I hope).
    Here is where you are wrong.
    First, Noval was not a defendant. He was an arrestee (are you really a lawyer?)
    Hurley did NOT hold him no bond on a bondable offense. Hurley revoked his bond on the drug charge which he was out on bond for (arrested a couple of months prior). Hurley, appropriately gave him a bond on the new arrest for trying to stab his father (from what I hear, he was mad because dad took away his crack pipe). However, since his previous bond (drug charge)was revoked by Hurley, the defendant wasn’t going anywhere(Are you really a lawyer?).
    Secondly, Hurley held the arrestee in direct criminal contempt. The arrestee is not entitled to a lawyer, and minimal due process for direct criminal contempt. The arrestee dropped the expletive to Hurley directly. Hurley advised him of the charge and gave him an opportunity to explain his actions. He didn’t have an explanation.Hurley hit on all cylinders.
    I’ll admit it, I think that Hurley is a great judge and know that he did the right thing.
    Next time you post, list your bar number. We may need proof.

  13. mike says:

    Hurley is a bad joke on us all.
    The dirtbag as you call him was right. Dirtbag only used a half word. look at hurley’s treatment of a 78 year old grandmother because thinks he is GOD.
    as in the wedding web bog hurley will want my ip address so he can again mis-use his office.

    Hurley you are a real jerk.

  14. gerard says:

    yeah but we all know now that all ‘men’ no matter their position are no better than any other man.. how many times has this been proven? Married governor (Spitzer) meeting regularly with hookers.. Bill Clinton (married) cheating on his wife with an intern… Congressman Weiner sending photos of his privates (he’s married) to young woman- Police officer’s committing every level of crime there is.. even heinous ones.. recently an officer was accused of plotting to cut women up into pieces?

    This judge? What he’s a good man? Says who? We don’t know that. None of us does, just because his ‘filth and sin’ hasn’t come to light in the public (yet). But we know all men are sinners.. So I give this judge nothing but that he didn’t know what he was doing which is why he went back on what he did and let the man out. It’s hypocritical for any man to act ‘righteous’.

  15. Aaron Nottingham says:

    Completely unprofessional on the part of the judge. How do these people sleep at night, taking people away from their homes and loved ones because their ego was offended. Maybe if you weren’t such a smary cock to the defendant none of this would have even happened.

  16. Chris says:

    The guy may be a criminal dirtbag as you put it, but the judge proved the label “cock” that was put on himself to be true by his reaction.

  17. Shorty Stonedick says:

    What is it with all of you mouthbreathers taking the judges actions personally?
    It isn’t HIS room he’s defending, it’s respect for the justice system!


    All you dungheaps that think it’s your perogative to do, act, think, say whatever comes to your minds whenever you think of it are nothing more than children whose parents failed them by never teaching them the word no.

  18. oh my says:

    thanks jay or trial tom…

  19. voter says:

    Isn’t this the judge who previously was a patrol officer in Margate? Thought I read that whenhe ran in 2010.

  20. Defendant Brian noval says:

    Screw all u hater and for not realizing the true right of freedom of speech.. I was acquited of all charges.. No one intoxicated should be in a court room.. Do I regret it? No it saved my life and am a totally different person today.. Those who know me know this.

  21. Jason Gilbert From Canada says:

    John Hurley is a total cock.

  22. kent says:

    Noval was out in 31 days and what the judge did was a clear abuse of his power. What happen to freedom of speech. I’m American but moved to Canadian 7 years ago. You people are sheep.

  23. Nathan says:

    You know the judge actually whispered that he was going to ‘abuse his power ‘ to teach him whose boss before he passed sentence?

    I was a law student in the UK and we always referred to the USA as the second Africa for it’s human rights. This is an example of why.

  24. Dear moron says:

    Umm Hurley is only the judge for first appearances so he didn’t sentence him

  25. Cody Ray Thompson says:

    What he did was really immature
    abuse his power because somebody call him a name he’s just a arrogant person on his high horse that manipulates and ruins people’s lives I think I see who’s the real dirtbag
    So if somebody calls me a something like c*** or anything else So that gives me the right to punch somebody in the face or run over somebody or shoot somebody

  26. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Cody,
    The idea that speech in court is restricted, when compared to the street, is a recent trend…not more than 3000 years old.

    Forget about the Rules of Evidence. Yell to the jurors/judge whatever pops into your mouth.

    That kind of system will surely lead to justice.

  27. Harold Melvin says:

    that judge is a stupid bitch just like the person who wrote this ignorant ass article. talking about he “did good”. stupid bitch take a class in grammar.