Found: Sunrise Commissioner Don Rosen’s Double


Somebody at the Sunrise City Commission meeting Tuesday told me that they had found a double for Commissioner Don Rosen.

Check it out:




Don Rosen






What do you think?



6 Responses to “Found: Sunrise Commissioner Don Rosen’s Double”

  1. russell brown says:

    LOL. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Sunrise is really scary in more than one way.

  2. solly says:

    Is this really a Sunrise commissioner? He looks like someone who belongs on Jerry Lewis’ telethon.

  3. therealdem says:

    He looks like he rode in the little yellow bus to school.

  4. peter c says:

    Don Rosen is one of the best commissioners Sunrise has ever had. He is honest, kind and has the only the best motives. Making fun of him is unnecssary and accomplishes nothing.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I know nothing about the man or his morals but I think it is cruel to make fun of anyone. How old are you. They have an anti bullying policy in Broward S chools ….too late for you babies.

  6. S. Only says:

    get out your crayons Buddy—this non item is a silly and ridiculous waste of everyone’s time….