For Real: Sun-Sentinel Installs Gong In Newsroom Like TV’s “The Gong Show”






The late Chuck Barris would be proud.



Chuck Barris


Just weeks after the producer and host of ’70s television hit “The Gong Show” died at 87, the Sun-Sentinel has introduced a gong in the newsroom.

I kid you not.

One difference between Barris and the Sun-Sentinel:

On Barris’ show, the gong would be struck when an act on the show was terrible.

At the Sun-Sentinel, the Gong is apparently hit to build morale in the fast shrinking newsroom — perhaps when Internet views reach some milestone or when an employee meeting is called.

No word yet on whether reporters and editors will be gonged out the door in one of the periodic layoff to sweep the newsroom.

At the newspaper, the gong won’t be sounded by Arte Johnson, Louie Nye, Jamie Farr or Jaye P. Morgan, regular judges on the show. That job apparently has been assigned to Managing Editor Dana Banker.

There is a similarity between the newspaper and the television show.

The Gong Show showcased amateur acts.  And critics today charge that the Sun-Sentinel’s coverage has been sliced and diced to the point where it is amateurish.

Future Sun-Sentinel newsroom below?


7 Responses to “For Real: Sun-Sentinel Installs Gong In Newsroom Like TV’s “The Gong Show””

  1. Nolocalpapernaymore says:

    Fort Lauderdale no longer has a local paper. Everyone complains about the traffic but no one seems to be informed that the city is about to adopt a traffic plan that calls for reducing the lanes on Federal Highway and most other roads to make the traffic so bad that it will “force us out of our cars” to use bikes and buses. Good luck with that. They call into lane diets in the plan. What is happening to our town, Very little coverage.

  2. An Observer says:

    The Sun-Sentinel is no longer Broward’s newspaper. I know more about Boca and Delray then virtually every city in Broward except for Ft. Lauderdale. I really care less about Palm Beach or Dade County to the point I wonder why I read it anymore.

    I get national news from TV. I guess it’s for the sports. At least for now. Wish there was just a South Florida Sports Newspaper.

  3. A reader says:

    @ Nolocalpaperanymore

    Follow the political egos and the trail to the pinheads who want to put lane diets in place leads directly to Tim Ryan, Broward County Commission member from Dania Beach, and Anne Castro, former Dania Beach Commission member. Wonder when Tim and Anne last rode a bike to their busy schedules of meetings?

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    I guess someone in charge discovered Trader Joes.

    RING THE FUCKING BELL! Brit’s got another STORY ABOUT SOCKS. Holy shit with pictures even!

    What’s next?

    I know! Queue Gene Gene the Dancin’ Machine.

  5. A reader says:

    I bet the gong was used this morning when a SS reporter actually wrote that 6 men waded 2 miles off shore when their boat capsized. “Waded” 2 miles off shore??

    Another reporter has stepped in and has rewritten the story with updates. She must have heard the gong and came to the first reporter’s rescue.

  6. Broward Voter says:

    Buddy, tell you what.

    I’m happy to pay you what I used to pay the Sun Sentinel. Hire some reporters. You inform us. This way we will have a trusted hometown news source even if on-line.

    Please consider it. I’m serious.


    Thank you so much for your gracious offer. I have other endeavors at the moment.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    My favorite on the Gong show was Gene,Gene the dancin machine. Also i loved Arte Johnson(sooo gay ,but soooo funny)…..”Interesting”,that he’d say that all night on “Laugh in”…..