Chaz Stevens Q & A: Poitier, His Work And How He Got His Name


Blogger Timothy “Chaz Stevens has been labeled profane.  He’s been branded biased.  He’s accused of being a shameless self-promoter.

Whatever you think of Stevens, he is unique.  No one has shaken up a local City Hall in recent years like this phantom of the Internet.

He did it himself without some media company behind him. He calls himself “a private citizen working with very modest resources and from a tiny office not much bigger than a broom closet.”


Stevens got results again Wednesday.  Deerfield Beach was rocked  by the arrest of a city commissioner who was a perennial target of Stevens Commissioner Sylvia Poitier.

It was Stevens’ writing that triggered the inquiries into Poitier, a former county commissioner and long-time power in the black community.

Who is Chaz Stevens?

Here are 10 questions I put to him and his answers:

(1)    What started you writing My Acts of Sedation?

My Acts of Sedition. Though, at times, folks are probably sedated.

Four years ago, in preparation for writing a book, I wanted to improve my writing abilities.  In my professional career (software developer), I know the best way to learn a new skill is to have a project.   So I matched my love of Deerfield, a long standing interest in politics, and my desire to become a better writer.

From that, MAOS was born.

(2)    When did you realize that there were problems in Deerfield Beach City Hall?  Did you try to talk to officials and tell them about the problems before writing them on the Internet?

The former City Manager of Deerfield Beach, Mike Mahaney, who by the way was a close family friend, termed me “radioactive”.   To say that I was unwelcomed would be an understatement.  Therefore, I was forced to affect my changes remotely.

(3)    How long have you been trying to clean up City Hall?

My first letter to the Editor, complaining about (then) Commissioner Peggy Noland was written in 2001.   MAOS was launched in 2007.

(4)    How did Poitier pop up on your radar?  She wasn’t your initial target, right?

After filing the complaints against Gonot and Capellini*, I didn’t have to look very far for another corrupt politician.   In 2008, the various elected officials in Deerfield Beach offered quite a target rich environment.

(5)     Poitier is black, an icon in the black community and a grandmother.  Did that ever cause you to hold back, lessen or pause in your criticism?

As a grandmother, she should be ashamed of the example she is setting for the child of Deerfield Beach.   Regardless of their color.   She might be an icon, but her legacy will be one of a politician arrested for political corruption.   It is never my style to hold back – fixed bayonets, damn the torpedoes, all that jazz.

(6)    Have you been accused of being anti-black?  To your face?  By e-mail?

The race card is played quite often in Deerfield Beach.   Mainly by those who seem to be under criminal investigation.  I am a long standing member of the NAACP.   That means I am either the world’s most conflicted racist or, in my case, a person that doesn’t judge a man by the color of his skin or the cut of his suit.

(7)    Do you feel elated today?  Are you optimistic that Deerfield Beach is on a new path?  Do you believe a person like you is needed in every community?

I came.  I saw.  And I really kicked her ass.   Bob Norman incorrectly wrote that my journey to bring Poitier to justice was a several months long affair.    Her arrest today started with a complaint that I filed in June, 2009.

Is Deerfield Beach on a new path?    We now have hope…   With our great City Manager, City Attorney, and Commissioner Bill Ganz, maybe for the first time in a long time we can unjam ourselves from the quagmire that’s bogged us down for the last decade.

A person like me?   Buddy, what I do is nuts.   I have endured threats of physical violence, worried about lawsuits, I often have the police parked outside my house.   Just this week, my dog was poisoned.  To go against the Establishment, especially the Black Establishment is not for the meek of heart.

However, in Deerfield Beach, I am the thin line protecting 76,000 people from corrupt political officials.   I just wish the pay was better.

(8)  Do you believe your inflammatory style and language cause people to dismiss you,  not to treat you seriously?

I never ever once worried about what others think of me.   Not once.   There is a gentleman in Hallandale Beach, an activist by the name of Mike Butler.   He’s a wonderful individual — polite, refined, and polished.   Butler is often ignored.   So, it seems that folks that hate the message attempt to cloud the issue by pointing out the particulars of the messenger.

Buddy, they might not like me, but they certainly read what I write.   My blog had over 400,000 visitors last year.  The SAO takes me seriously – just ask Gonot, Capellini, and now Poitier.   The Federal Government takes me seriously:

As for the media’s role, your blog activity and e-mails … were very helpful in uncovering some of the activities that were cited in the report.

Armando Fana, South Florida Regional Director, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

To those that don’t like me, I say good, the feeling is mutual.   Oh, and they can eat me.  Stupid fucks.   I hope you quote me here.

(9)  If you want to say anything about your personal life, this is your chance.  Totally your call. Age?  Interests other than writing?  Were you involved in politics or fighting corruption or computers at an early age?  Write whatever you wish about you, Chaz Stevens.

Let’s talk about what really matters to me.   For 20 years, I have been involved with Amnesty International — in particular, I am involved with promoting awareness to the problem of violence directed against women and children.  To that cause, every single penny I have ever earned from MAOS has been donated to Women In Distress.   Unfortunately, there are lots of women and children in this world who desperately need a helping hand, and I do what I can to help out.

(10)  How did you get the nickname Chaz?

Chaz.   A nickname given to me 25 years ago by an extraordinarily cute blond who was very naked at the time.   Her hiney could have ignited a war back in the middle ages.


*Former Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini and Commissioner Steve Gonot face corruption charges.

22 Responses to “Chaz Stevens Q & A: Poitier, His Work And How He Got His Name”

  1. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Chazz is a hater of women, a hater of himself, a rude, callous dweeeeeb. He has no class, no life and is too chicken shit to run for Deerfield Beach Commission. Anybody who hangs around and loiters in the parking lots of the work place of a Mayor, is f’ed up. He is the male Ms. Alu without being elected, self promoting claim and profess to be idealistic types whose true intents are not as idealistic as they profess.

    And come on, Chaz, you got your nickname after it was noticed that you indeed remarkedly resembled the Saturday Night Live Character Chaz ‘da Spazz!

    Stay out of my ring or Stone Cold will Rock Bottom your ass (and not in a sexual way, you pervert)!

  2. Barney says:

    How about a more recent picture. That one is at least 10 years and 30 pounds ago. Stevens now is the perfect face for radio.

  3. TamaracTalk says:

    Now I see he isn’t kidding when he says he’s been threatened.

  4. Chaz Stevens says:

    Show of hands please.

    Today who was on every TV station in South Florida?

    Besides me that is.

  5. Be My Hero says:

    Chaz is a hero. Stone is an anonymous guy who likes wrestling.

  6. Myperspectiveis says:

    You are an attention seeking individual and it is ashamed that you use your abilities in this manner. They could be put to better use. The best thing about you is that you do inspire people to keep at least one eye on elected officials. I just want to publicly say to you that no one I know has ever said or commented that you are the cause of Poitier’s problems, so get that out of your head. The main consensus of my circle is that you are a hired gun for City Management and certain elected officials..Your own blog names names, so I won’t….You chose to use this moment and glorify yourself, like you are righteous or something. Are you??? Now, run and blog that!

  7. Reprobait1 says:

    Good job Chaz. If conventional media investigative reporters were out doing their job, there wouldn’t be a need for the Chaz’s of the world. I for one salute you for having such a large pair of cahones. I’m too afraid of getting punched out to pull your stunts.

  8. I'm Just Beachy says:

    keep on keepin on Chaz.. There are truly many who never reply but know what you have done and why. We are all proud of your efforts and results.
    T shirt will be worn proudly.

  9. pity the fool says:

    I know that C.S. not only doesn’t tell the truth, but I also know that he will create fiction to smear those whom he doesn’t like.
    I find very little to admire about him.
    Buddy, you have given this fool a medium, but I would guess that if you polled your readership, well over 90% would find C.S. a blithering and vulgar idiot.
    I just wished you had asked the some real zingers like: Do you really live with your parents. Do you have a bank account? How much time per day do you spend on the computer not related to generating income?
    Why do you constantly use profanities and vulgarities to express yourself?
    This is his 15 minutes of very, very minor fame. After today he will have used of 14:30 of it.

  10. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    How did we get to this point in history where a private citizen, regardless of whether you like or dislike him, has to do what newspapers did in the past in tracking down stories and finding out what is wrong?

    Why do I waste money each quarter subscribing to the Sun Sentinel which takes away comics, adds tons of ads for gold buying and annuity sales businesses and can’t do indepth work around the clock instead of every few months it seems?

  11. Commissioner Keith S. London says:

    Chaz Stevens is a “Genius”

    I can understand why the mainstream newspapers (thank you Buddy) will not give the credit to Chaz and his website ( for all the hard work he has done in Deerfield, but maybe the mainstream newspapers could start covering LOCAL politics and do some investigative reporting (for a change) on their own and not just pick up the scrapes after Chaz did all the heavy lifting!

    Commissioner Keith S. London
    Hallandale Beach

  12. Chazzer Oink Oink says:

    You cheapen your blog with bs such as this “article”.

  13. Ari says:

    I agree with Buddy. We need more Chaz Stevenses.

  14. Its a Miracle says:

    If it hadn’t been for Chaz, Deerfield would still be looking the other way when corrupt politicians and freeloading, so called “charities” were robbing us blind. A little over the top with the confrontation at the jail, but I guess it is hard not to gloat after two years of effort.

    More charges for Sylvia are coming and more arrests for others too.

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    This is what I mean with some of the people down here. What it really necessary to heckle Comm.Poiter? She will get her day in court your job is done. Your another one. I got your next cause (case) how about getting a job?. At least when I report something to any agency whatever I leave it alone after that and let the system do its thing. Why were you so proud yesterday? Waiting damn near all day to what tell Poitier what you think of her she knows(trust me). One would think move on, no not you , you even had t-shirits made up. Come on Mr.Stevens its one thing to make your disclosures fine but the harrassment concerning this woman is enough. Now your happier than a pig in poop. I’m sure you wil ride this wave for as long as you can. Difference between you/ and me is everything I do is for the taxpayer so they don’t get the shaft. Seems to me you are waiting for some big cable network to sighn you up.. And your cheap shot in reference to her letting the African American community down. Comm Poitier has always been there for them. Let the State att. do his job. I mean realy Chaz.

  16. where is my barf bag says:

    Dear Commissioner London:
    Before you fall all over yourself regarding Tim Stevens, you need to understand that gets about 70% totally wrong. He gets about 25% only half wrong and the rest is either right or shaky. During his spewing of fiction and half-truths he usually degrades or defames his target.
    Sure, he got the one right about Poitier, but he is a rank amateur who most of the time can’t shoot straight.

  17. Chaz Stevens says:

    Read ’em and weep fucker. You are relegated to Internet Troll status and me? I’m on TV.

    Rod Carew’s batting average, the best ever in baseball, was .328.

    Making 25% right a pretty good percentage. And my 25% is 100% better than yours.

    By the way, the world famous forensic auditing firm named an award after me — The Chaz. Beat that dipshit.

  18. Geesh says:

    He just wants to be noticed. All that dipstick talks about is how he has gotten recognition about this or that. If you think that his motive for constant blogging is altruistic, think again. It’s all about HIMSELF! He posts, blogs, yacks, bloviates all for attention. Let’s just ignore him, perhaps he will then have to get employment and a new audience.

  19. Chaz Stevens says:

    He was noticed. Duh and/or hello?

  20. S.O.B. says:

    Idon’t live or do much work in Deerfield Beach. But kudo’s to Chaz, and yes we need more of those willing to set the correct direction, and bring the light of truth forward. Chaz thanks from the other County residents…

  21. long time advocate says:

    I agree that Tim Stevens is a dipstick…

  22. Myperspectiveis says:

    I wonder what Peggy Noland has to say about all this attention Chaz is bringing to our little City. Especially since it was he who exposed her back in 2009 regarding the JB’s on the Beach incident. To sounds alot like Poitier. I really hope the City is hooting and hollering when she and others outside of the black community gets there’s. A city divided will never stand! I guess that’s why this town is falling apart at its’ proverbial seams. All that’s falling out is Scooter Poop!