Charges Dropped Against Broward Judge Contini




Charges have been dropped against Broward Circuit Court John Contini.

The Judicial Qualifications Commission withdrew the charges earlier this month and the document was made public today.

Contini had been charged by the JQC with misconduct for, among other allegations, faking his court docket to create fictitious cases to disguise his absences.

The reason for the dismissal of the charges is not given. The dismissal cites a rule that allows the JQC to dismiss charges against a judge who already resigned.

Contini resigned roughly a month before being charged.

The charges on July 23 alleged a long list of violations of the code of ethics governing judges.  The JQC polices judges for the Florida Supreme Court.

Contini could still face the charges from the Florida Bar.  A source close to Contini said he planned to fight any Bar charges.


5 Responses to “Charges Dropped Against Broward Judge Contini”

  1. Gavin Alford says:

    This is insane. Were it a police officer, fire fighter, corrections officer or a school teacher, not only would they lose their pension but would definitely be facing criminal charges. Something stinks.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Oh come on Contini played them(JQC) like a fiddle.He knew by quitting all bets were off.What Contini didn’ t anticipate was all the press his actions on the Bench would attract.So he skates.Unreal…

  3. UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against Broward Judge Contini - South Florida Reporter says:

    […] Contini resigned roughly a month before being charged.  Continue reading […]

  4. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Hang in there Brittany Wallman. We support you. Shame on u Runcie.


    Walsh is referring to Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie engineering a court actions against two Sun-Sentinel writers including Brittany Wallman

    This from the Columbia Journalism Review:

    On Monday, Barbara Myrick, a lawyer for the school board, asked that Judge Scherer hold the Sun Sentinel and two of its reporters—Wallman and Paula McMahon—in contempt of court for publishing what should have been redacted text. In a petition, Myrick argued that the paper “opted to report, publicly, information that this court had ordered to be redacted despite agreeing, on the record, that this information was protected by Florida and federal law.”

    This move by Runcie and his lawyers is clearly a violation of the First Amendment. The newspaper can print what it wants, as long it is not libelous.

    The school system or its lawyers failed to properly redact the material on the Parkland shooter. Maybe Runcie and company should spend time figuring out why the mistake was made instead of instituting this type of legal action. It is just another school system misuse of tax money and comes at a time when Runcie and company are asking for yet more taxes to be approved by voters in the upcoming primary.

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Thanks to editor Ms.Anderson for sticking up for Brittany and Paula.I say counter sue.And to Broward school atty.Myrick should be FIRED for not getting permission from the actual school bd.(her boss) with this assine contempt charge.