CEO Bev Capasso Out At Broward Health




Emabattled Beverely Capasso, who is facing criminal charges of Government-in-the-Sunshine Law violations, resigned as CEO and president of Broward Health on Wednesday.

A news release at noon gave no reason for her resignation.

Capasso’s departure is just the latest turmoil to rock the system, which operates public health facilities and hospitals north of Griffin Road.  Critics alleged Broward Health is rife with political corruption, controlled by a small cadre of lobbyists and insiders who are close to Gov. Rick Scott, who appointed the governing board of the public system.

The release stated that an immediate search would begin for her replacement. Late Wednesday, the Sun-Sentinel’s Tony Mann hinted in a tweet that stating the search would begin for her replacement before the governing board held a meeting could signal the Sunshine Law was being broken:

“How is it that Broward Health announces CEO resignation and at the same time says nationwide search immediately begins for replacement? It’s a public agency w/board members appointed by @FLGovScott. Some board members under indictment for alleged open meetings law violations.”

Regardless, any search for a CEO may take time based on Broward Health’s recent history.

The permanent CEO before Capasso, Dr. Habil El Sanadi, shot himself to death in January 2016.  Capasso wasn’t hired until May 2017 after a lengthy search failed to find anyone not connected to the troubled public health care system.

After being frustrated in hiring a new CEO fro the outside, the Broward Health governing board picked Capasso. The hiring was controversial since Capasso was a member of the governing board that hired her.

Capasso is currently battling criminal charges of violating the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law filed in December. Capasso and four others privately discussed the firing of the interim CEO Pauline Grant, according to authorities.

Capasso could not be reached for comment. The news release quoted her as saying:

“We can all be proud of the progress made over the last two years, and I am confident that the achievements will continue. It was my great honor to serve and lead a remarkable team of caring health professionals.”

There has been speculation that Capasso’s resignation is part of the squabble between her and Broward Health’s general counsel Lynn Barrett. The two have clashed over legal fees to outside firms and Barrett’s alleged maneuvering to control more and more of the system.

Barrett could not be reached for comment.

Capasso will work closely with the Board of Commissioners and Broward Health leadership during this time of transition, according to the news release. 


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9 Responses to “CEO Bev Capasso Out At Broward Health”

  1. Sober as a Judge says:

    Perfect time to merge the North and South Hospital Districts into one district. The North district has been a cesspool of corruption even as the South district has been a model of excellence and public trust. Enough harm has been done. End the drama, merge the districts, and create a new and better history for both.

  2. MS says:

    Firstly, Bev Capasso should not say she is getting her doctorate before she obtains an accredited graduate degree.

    Bev Capasso should have never been hired and was in over her head as a Board Member let alone a President/CEO.

    Ure is wrong, Capasso has not hired a competent team, she has hired others that are in way over their head too; who have destroyed the servant leadership and patient first ideology that use to be Broward Health. Capasso has hired others who are looking for their next rung on the ladder, not really making a difference.

    Although Barrett is a horrible attorney and should be fired, this has noting to do with Barrett and everything to do with a lack of leadership and competency.

    Capasso knows that it is going to come out that she conspired with Barrett to fire Pauline Grant to get her high paying job!

    Broward needs to hire a Brand Name CEO like Autonation’s Mike Jackson who would not be pushed around by lobbyist, Law Firms, the Governor, or Board Members.

    Also, the Charter needs to be changed that only the President/CEO reports to the Board!

  3. Tell The Truth says:

    “Critics alleged Broward Health is rife with political corruption, controlled by a small cadre of lobbyists and insiders who are close to Gov. Rick Scott, who appointed the governing board of the public system.”

    just another reason of dozens why Scott will not, and should not, be elected senator from FL. This is bad, but pales next to the red tide and green slime (east and west coasts and rivers in between), gutting of statewide environmental and water quality laws, prison inmate deaths at the hands of guard staff, etc. Send rick scott into $$ retirement in Naples come January 2019 (made huge investment profits over the last 8 years in the Blind Trust).

    Carpe diem Senator Bill Nelson!

  4. Junior the Boss says:

    Bring Hamilton back from the grave to keep things under control!


    The writer refers to the late investor and real estate mogul Hamilton Forman, who was a member of the North Broward Hospital District (The former name of Broward Heath) for decades ending in the early 1990s and was said to control the system.

  5. Well Said says:

    Charlie Dodge, Pembroke Pines City Manager, would be perfect for the position.

  6. T.T. says:

    Just read the article in the Sun Sentinel vehicle for Klein’s grandstanding. Blaming everything on Lynn Barrett is proposterous. Ms. Capasso hired her incompetent friends and promoted incompetent loyalists. They raped and pillaged the system and now crying foul. Under her watch the system has become one of greed, fear and browbeating of employees. Anyone can cook the books and show a favorable outcome. Sure, legal fees are excessive but no more than when Sheer was involved and that was without a CIA. The commissioner needs to grow up, quit whining and see the system for what it is. A fat hog that unqualified and incompetent executives feed off of.

  7. Good Questions? says:

    If Chairman Klein is correct then Broward Health should settle the lawsuit with Pauline Grant because it is proof Lynn Barrett was the problem. Also the reason Lewis, Peek, Wong, Sprada, Bugg, Mather, Shirley, Panyi, Fusco, Wallace, Grossman and countless others are gone. MILLIONS is severence and costly changes in Leadership because of Barrett?
    Is Capasso saying she made all these changes because of Barrett? Or is Capasso now admititng all people listed above were not the problem? Costly Mistakes Bev!

  8. Unreal says:

    You just got a love Broward health. I watched Gino Santorio (in the HR committee meeting yesterday)make comments against eliminating the severance package clause from contracts for executives. In fact Ms. Hatcher the acting VP of HR actually jumped out of her chair on the video to inform the board that there is a severance policy. I could not figure out why the two of them were so adamant about keeping of the severance package for executives. Well now it makes sense, Gino was named acting CEO and in this case, he was acting on his own behalf. This system needs to be completely overhauled. The greed is blatant when executives are pitching the board for their own benefit. How much does staff receive when they are laid off? Shame on them all.

  9. Just One Vote says:

    If the governor of Florida Rick Scott had anything to do with the condition of Broward Health (appointments, etc) he cannot be elected to the Senate.
    Eight years as gov of FL and he did more damage to the fragile Florida environment than the last 4. Green slime, red tide, leeching septic tanks, lax laws (if any are left), etc., not to mention Big Sugar pollution of everything within 5 miles of the nitrate and phosphorous rich fields.