Banks Talks About Her Judicial Race


Judicial candidate Roshawn Banks says Broward needs a new generation of judges.

Banks, photo from JAAblog


Banks, who opened her campaign for County Court Seat 15 last week, told

“Some of these judges have been there for so long and our community has changed.

“We need judges who are community-minded, especially in county court.  I believe I know our new (Broward) community.

“Peoples lives are changed when they come to court.  Whether you get to keep the kids or lose them, your life has changed.  Whether you lose $5 or gain $5 million, your life has changed.  Whether you keep your freedom or lose your freedom, your life has changed.

“We need judges who understand this, who are less rude, who are more patient, who show more empathy.  That doesn’t mean the judge won’t follow the law, she said. “They can follow the law and do these other things, too.

Banks is an African American who has been an advocate of more minority representation on the bench. 

She was the president of the black T. J. Reddick Bar Association, a group named for the first African American lawyer in Broward.

 “I believe we need diversity in the courthouse, but that’s not the reason I’m running.  (I’m running because) I believe I understand our community and will represent it, she said.

She said she hopes her African American heritage will not be a detriment in 2010.

She realizes that few blacks have been elected countywide to any office.

But three black women have been victorious, just not in judicial races.

Miriam Oliphant won a seat on the School Board in the 1990s.  She then won the supervisor of elections job, but lost it after a disastrous 2002 election filled with mistakes.

Sylvia Poitier was a county commissioner from 1986-1998.  She lost that job, but now is Deerfield Beach’s vice mayor.

Brenda Snipes is the current supervisor of elections.

 “I hope the electorate is mature enough to accept (a black judicial candidate), Banks said.  “I just don’t know.

Banks has the advantage of political experience and widespread contacts across the county.

She is active with Legal Aid.  She has continued to attend club and political meetings since her loss of state House District 94 last year.

The current race is not the first time Banks sought a seat on the bench. She applied to the Judicial Nominating Commission several years ago, but was rejected.’s first story on Banks is here.

Banks’ resume on file at Nova Southeastern Law School is here.



13 Responses to “Banks Talks About Her Judicial Race”

  1. Deby Weinstein says:

    She could always run as a Jewish candidate like others in the county court. I object to the ten year photo with a low neck line. How about something a little more cuurent?

  2. Sounds Good says:

    Ms. Banks sounds like a great candidate and her resume is solid. She won’t be alone in this race, however.

  3. ALERT says:

    when mrs banks ran for state legislature everything was about race,and she was always telling everybody about the cops and how they did not like the African American community,my goodness run on your qualifications,if you are qualified you have a chance,dont be a victim,be a survivor.You went to law school,your making a good living.There are bums in the road for everybody looking for there dream,yes african american woman won county races,but it was some of there own personal failures that caused them to be defeated.

  4. ALERT says:

    the word should be bumps in the road sorry

  5. Democrat says:

    It is terrible that in 2009 we have to debate whether a black can get elected as a judge in Broward. If the woman is qualified, she should be elected. Period.

  6. Sam Fields says:

    Last year I tried a case with Ms Banks representing the co-defendant. She did a damn good job and clearly has a command the rules and court demeanor.

  7. ALERT says:

    your right but use your knowledge and ability,not race we now she is black.I want to here about her ability,not that she is a vicim

  8. First Endorsement says:

    Wow, Sam Fields already giving his support to a judicial candidate.

    Run away Roshawn…he’s been the kiss of death for judicial candidates the last several times around.

  9. Learn from Obama says:

    I too know Ms. Banks. Though, I have not seen her try a case she seems to possess the appropriate demeanor and personality to sit on the bench.
    I would caution her to not become a “black candidate”. If she does, she’ll turn off more people than she will gain as supporters.
    Barak Obama was elected with a lot of white votes, because he was intelligent, had a vision and made people believe that he would do a good job.
    If Ms. banks takes Obama’s route, she may have a chance.

  10. S. Only says:

    Dear ALERT,
    Are you purposely creamating the English language to dumb down your identity? Read up on “your, you’re, there, their and they’re”. It’s hard for me to consider your postings when your choice of words interferes.

  11. ALERT says:

    the only dumb one is you,you must be one of those school teachers who is about to be furloughed. Go buy your self a box of crayons and do your home work.Only,I could care less what u think,If you lack the knowledge that is your problem,you have no chance

  12. Another mistake> says:

    Dear Alert ( I am not the same person who pointed out your previous mistakes):
    You stated above that you “could care less”. Thats another mistake (and I am not a school teacher, though I did graduate from a reputable university).
    You probably meant that “you could NOT care less”. Its a common mistake for those who either attended Broward public schools or have received blunt head trauma.

  13. alert says:

    It figures a loser like your self,has such a pathetic life,you probably graduated from Dery university in under water basket weaving,you have no chance with draw your candidate before she starts,with her arrogant attitude she will do as well as she did when she ran in her gerrymaindered district and finished dead last with a very meager vote count,you are the one with the brain damage if you think she has a prayer