Update: Scott Israel’s Political Payoffs



Reward and punishment is the glue that holds politics together.

Scott Israel has apparently learned that lesson well…at least, the reward side.

He is rewarding some of his key campaign supporters with jobs.  And he is considering handing jobs to other supporters, according to several sources.

The first, already made public, is Ron Gunzburger.  He was named BSO general counsel and senior advisor to the sheriff after shaping the message and strategy of Israeli’s winning campaign.

General counsel is in charge of an enormous patronage machine for the Broward Bar.  BSO’s general counsel hires outside counsel for everything from lobbyist to confiscations to labor law.  The political payoff is this: Attorneys that are hired many times end up as future campaign contribution bundlers.

The second supporter hired, also made public, is South Florida Times writer Elgin Jones. Author of blistierng articles about Sheriff Al Lamberti, Jones has been offered a job working for Israel’s Broward Sheriffs Office in some sort of community relations job.

The next being considered either Lisa Castillo or her husbandPembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo. Both campaigned for Israel in Southwest Broward.


Scott Israel with Lisa Castillo (in blue shirt on right) and Larissa Chanzes

Angelo Castillo recently left his job as the chief executive of the AIDS center Broward House.

Lisa Castillo was an aide to former County Commissioner Jim Scott until he got defeated.  Then she worked campaigns with consultant Judy Stern.  She is being considered for a “high staff position” with key decision making powers, one source said.

(A personal note:  I know Castillo.  She is smart, super-organized, personable and would do a great job at BSO. I would, however, confine that recommendation to a non-sworn officer job, since Lisa is about 5-foot 2-inches and weighs maybe 100 lbs.)

It is doubtful that Israel will hire both.

The fourth political payoff being contemplated is for Amy Rose, Israel’s campaign consultant. Rose was formally an aide to County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, Ron’s mother.

Rose may end up a liaison with other governments and agencies for BSO, two sources said.

Rose’s husband, Wally Eccelston, left his state Senate job to work for Israel, according to  a Browardbeat.com reader who e-mailed after this was originally posted.  That makes the fifth payoff.


Amy Rose

There are probably more being considered.  As always, if you hear anything, let me know at Browardbeat@hotmail.com

22 Responses to “Update: Scott Israel’s Political Payoffs”

  1. robert walsh jr. says:

    Is he going to hire his illegitimate kid and pay off his foreclosures and liens? and when this scumbag will be caught with his pants down and Ron “gay” Gunzberger will give him a B.J.and wow hiring the low life Judy Stern and firing so many loyal workers of BSO because they were friends of Sheriff lamberti. Scott you are a piece of dirt

  2. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Scott should consider Bill Lewis for the following jobs:

    1. The Cleaning Crew — as he’s good with Lysol.

    2. Well, anything really to do with, sniff sniff, cocaine.

    3. Did I mention he’s really handy with Lysol?

  3. Hooker says:

    Great news. Do a criminal records search Buddy. Elgin is a convicted felon!


    Let’s see your proof. Elgin Jones is a lot of things– a good organizer, a good journalist and a really nice guy — but I don’t believe he is “a convicted felon”.

  4. Creekgirl says:

    To the Victor go the spoil. Please remember to protect and serve the Community, Scott.

  5. Dont forget says:

    I think Commissioner Angelo Castillo would be great at ChildNet. Not!

    We need someone like Angelo another lawyer who is not really a lawyer who decided to promote the promotion of his hand picked successor to run Broward House only to have it come out the same guy had children taken from his care for alleged child abuse. Based on what I read in the Herald despite the actions of DCF, Angelo, decided this should not preclude the guy from the top spot.

    I would have real questions in hiring either Castillo in a position of public safety.


  6. Willie Wonka says:

    You elect a scumbag former undercover cop what do you expect? Everybody knows about undercover cops because playing the part they become the problem. Israel never changed.

  7. just one vote says:

    whatever. grow up folks, this is political life in the lttle city/county of broward. We ain’t King County, Cook County, Tarrant County, just little ‘ole Boward. smaller than Dade. less relevant than Hillsborough. Lamberti had a chance, a BIG chance. salvage county wide E911, they screwed around for a tear, stepping on five dollar bills to pick up quarters. Lamberti could have demanded to do what voters empowered BSO to do in 2000. back when he set up speed traps in 2000. Instead he played hard ball with cities, costs, budgets, etc., looked like a looser in eyes of voters that only wanted leadership and representation, at a fair price. given we pay bso and bso fire on top of the municipal clowns. he got the boot. israel will get the same if he screws the “stupid” voters after four years, and all his cronies will go packing with him.

  8. Up The Creek says:

    To Creek Girl “Beth Lerner.”

    What would you know about serving with ethics or integrity. You lied about a false endorsement Israel received from a women’s group you are involved with being investigated by the State Ethics Commission.

    Scott Israel will go down as the worst Sheriff in history. Scott is way over his head, lies to everyone and has already showed he surrounds himself with people of poor character and some that have been fired from police jobs for criminal activity. You ask who?? Cacictore, Jenne, Gunzberger, Murray, DePerna, Jones, Hicks and many more.

    For a Sheriff to lack ethics and integrity is not good for the Sheriff’s Office or Broward County.

    Beth, go back and crawl under the rock you came out from and keep you remarks to yourself. Nobody want to hear from a fake Democrat that works for a Republican!!!

  9. Central Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    I was wondering about your thoughts on a person “Israel” who lied throughout the election for Sheriff about only having three children when in fact he has four. The court records show Scott Israel failed to accept responsibility was sued and lost a paternity suit by the boys mother Melanie. He was forced by a court order to pay back child support, medical bills and counseling bills for his four child “son”.

    How does a deadbeat Dad “Israel” honestly run the BSO Children and Family Services Department when he is one of the people they go after???

    Do you support deadbeat Dad’s Buddy and do you think a person like Israel compromises the integrity of the enforcement process as a violator himself?

  10. Frank says:

    Not everybody child services goes after is a deadbeat. 50% of the calls to the hotline are done with the intent of one party trying to punish the other.

  11. Plain Language says:

    Questions for Al Lamberti and his blog crawling sidekick Alan Berkowitz. We’ve heard your phony rumors before but answer this.

    What will you guys do when David Benjamin and so many others start talking facts about Lamberti and Rothstein? Isn’t that why a dirtbag like Benjamin is still on the BSO payroll? To keep him from talking?

    Also what became of the two million dollars you guys lost from BSO human resources? We hear Al had a little problem in payroll. Did either of you to keep any of that missing cash?

    Isn’t the reason Al Lamberti wants that FDLE job so badly is to protect himself from getting indicted? When the truth gets out about Lamberti’s BSO it’s going to be very entertaining.

  12. Tell Me You're Kidding says:

    Amy Friggin’ Rose! Really!!!!!

  13. Hey Kidding says:

    That is Ms. Rose to you, no go fetch the lady some coffee.

  14. Beth Lerner says:

    For the record, I am not Creekgirl.

    I don’t know who is spewing such venom towards me, but I welcome you to reach out to me personally and say it directly to me. And I’d be happy to sit down with you and tell you about my job.

    Obviously you don’t know me. Anyone that does knows that I would never use the term “girl”…I know we’re supposedly living in a post-feminist world, but I personally don’t use that terminology. And I would never capitalize community. :)

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Congrats to Sheriff Israel. Also to point out Elgin jones is an execellant reporter and would be an assest to Sheriff Isreal’s team. Also to this “Robert Walsh Jr.” -you are the pig, you are the scum bag, you and your name calling. I wouldn’t mess w/ a Jewish woman(Comm.Gunzburger)son(Ron). Word to the wise. She alone could buy and sell you ten(10) times on the street. Although from your posts who would want you. Jealous,envious bastards.And Lamberti -you let that transition team in. Whats the matter? He won fair and square. Pack it up(yesterday)….

  16. Creekgirl says:

    “Up” is definitely in sh*t Creek for thinking that I am the fabulous Beth Lerner. I can only hope that I can fill the strong feminist shoes she wears when I grow up.

    Speaking of growing up, “Up” you need to. If you are a supporter of Lou or Al, deal with the fact that your guy lost. Cry, wail, take a pill or vay-cay. Get it out of your system. Flaming (especially the wrong person) is so 1990s.

  17. Don Turner says:

    First of all don’t kill the messenger. Buddy didn’t make the appointments. Second, the mention of these potential hirings are hitting a nerve somewhere and I can’t help but think some of the venom comments are from sour
    grapes personel who will be leaving with Lamberti. Scott Israel hasn’t even put an official day in yet and of course Lamberti won’t let him into the PSB.

  18. Jack Tayport says:

    Hey city activist Robert Walsh why don’t you apply for a job at BSO. Ooops I forgot your a convicted felon and a total ass and stupid to boot. All you are good for is making up stupid stories and I will bet you are on welfare and we are paying for you. A little advice idiot GET A LIFE YOU LOSER

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Jack Tayport” First of all no I am not on Welfare. Secoundly I never and esp. my mother never took a hand out from the City , Stat e or Federal Gov’t. We grew up poor, survived ,prevailed, and moved on never to look back.Not only is my family the “american Dream” -we are the “American Dream” No, sir , no welfare, food stamps, etc, or like you like to say”hand outs”. I’m the loser huh. Jack-ass…..Anybody know Mr.Tayport, fat I’m assuming.. Anyone???

  20. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> We grew up poor, survived ,prevailed, and moved on

    Is that code for Grand Theft and dealing dope?

  21. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Could kick your fat ass any day of the week. This fat lebanese closest homosexual. This is the genuis huh????

  22. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @City Activist

    Tell you what bro.

    Every morning, 9AM, Monday-Friday, I am at Strike Fit (Coconut Creek) boxing/fighting.

    I’ve got a spare set of gloves and head gear.

    Bring your own mouthpiece though, as I have no desire to catch herpes from you.

    If you want a piece of me, come get me.

    I’m there… Fighting… Boxing… Grappling…

    See how old and fat I really am.