Update: Lamberti’s Pal Bill Lewis Cleared


Wife beating charges have been dropped against William “Bill” Lewis, a political consultant for Sheriff Al Lamberti who was arrested earlier this year.

The charges were dropped when Lewis’ wife took the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination and refused to testify in the case.  Other accusations contained in the police report were disproved by an investigation.

Lamberti has been attacked repeatedly in campaign ads featuring Lewis, who worked for the sheriff’s campaign helping with social media before his arrest. One of the latest ads is below.

The ads call him a convicted felon, but Lewis pointed out that he had been cleared by the Secret Service to attend this week’s presidential debate in Boca Raton.


Bill Lewis and Marco Rubio at debate


“The Democratic State Attorney of Broward County cleared me of all charges,” Lewis told Browardbeat.com.

Lewis is a Republican activist.

In his bizarre arrest, Lewis was busted when his wife called 911.  When deputies arrived, the police report states that she told them she was fearful because during an earlier fight, Lewis “sprayed her entire body” with Lysol and hit her in the face with the can causing her to get “several stitches above her eye.”

Lewis said the police report was false.  He said investigators “went to (the hospital) and showed she was never treated.”

John Contini, Lewis’ attorney, said the wife had her own lawyer at a meeting with the State Attorney’s Office and took the Fifth.  If is possible she refused to testify because she didn’t want to be prosecuted for not telling the truth to officers who responded to her emergency call.

It was also revealed during an investigation that on the night of the incident, she had been drinking and taking pain killers which called into question her original report to officers, according to Contini.

“The state became aware of her own activities that night which, to be polite, included the ingestion of some medication and some wine.  You then have an effect that perhaps played into her remarks to officers that night,” Contini said.

Lewis had been charged with a domestic violation with battery by touching or striking.  He was also charged with obstructing justice by tampering by stopping his victim from calling 911.

An earlier story on the arrest is here.




15 Responses to “Update: Lamberti’s Pal Bill Lewis Cleared”

  1. Just Saying says:

    The ads call him a convicted felon, but Lewis pointed out that he had been cleared by the Secret Service to attend this week’s presidential debate in Boca Raton.

    Talk about tangled excuses!! So LEWIS IS A CONVICTED FELON. He’s just using smoke and mirrors to lie about it. And, to boot, he is a MULTIPLE-TIME convicted felon. In addition to the armed cocaine trafficking charges, years apart he also pled to felony economic crimes.

  2. Red Coward says:

    Great news, Buddy. Can’t wait for Bill to resume his Wings Plus Parties.

    Gots to haves me some free wings for my big ole belly.

  3. Who Cares - FELON! says:

    Sorry Bill Lewis — saying that you were cleared by the Secret Service to attend a debate doesn’t mean that you are a good person. What you are is…

    1. A federally convicted armed drug trafficker sentenced to what looks like about 11 years in prison.

    2. A guy who was arrested for nearly killing his wife.

    Sorry, the fact that your wife was convinced not to testify against you doesn’t mean you didn’t attack her.

    It just means that the State can’t get a conviction without the victim’s testimony, and like 2/3 of the domestic beating cases, they drop the charges when the victim suddenly won’t testify against her abuser.

    Given what you’ve actually done and what you were arrested for doing to your wife (how do you explain that to your litttle kids, by the way…), I think that you are as scummy as they come.

    So please move to Alan West’s new neighborhood and hang out with another armed criminal.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Penis says:

    I will not write about Mr Lewis. He isn’t a black female and Mr Lewis don’t live in a black community.

  5. Real Deal says:

    Let us be rational about this. Lewis was convicted of felonies. He was reported to the police by his wife for beating her and spraying her with Lysol causing a cut to her head. I will not dismiss that police report simply because she chose not to press charges against Lewis. Likely she had to choose between sending him to jail or becoming poor. I only hope she made the best choice she could.

    This is about Sheriff Lamberti’s choices. There is no excuse for the Sheriff to be using such people on his campaign and the excuse that he didn’t know Lewis’ background is weak.

    The excuse that he didn’t know Scott Rothstein was doing something wrong to earn all that money, when every lawyer in town knew something didn’t add up at that firm is weak.

    Cops are supposed to sniff these things out a mile away.

    The excuse that he didn’t know his closest deputy is falsifying police reports is weak.

    The excuse that he didn’t know his top cop was driving Rothstein around is weak.

    The excuse that he accepted sporting tickets as gifts is an ethics violation, it is weak to suggest he didn’t know that. It does not fly.

    Every day we see another glimpse in the news of outrageous behavior at BSO.

    Every day the question becomes larger and more pressing. Why would we want a person with that kind of judgment to be Sheriff?

  6. Janis says:

    Who is this retard trying to fool. His wife would not cooperate with prosecutors. He was cleared, well what about his 11 years in Federal prison for armed cocaine trafficker. He was Sheriffs Al Lambertis campaign manager.

    Last election Lamberti took money from notoroius marijuana smuggler Whittington brothers.
    Lamberti took money from burglar Jamie McDonnell of Weston
    Lamberti has had a former cop convicted of selling drugs to kids as his team manager. Remember him the former Tamarac cop and the day before Lambertis last election he was arrrested for lewd and lacivious on a child.
    Lamberti is taking money from a Broward vending company that has ties to organized crime.
    Lamberti took over 300k from Rothstein
    it goes on and on.

  7. stan smith says:

    Scott israel is a lying, thug, piece of trash and hasnt told the truth since grade school. Seems he didnt learnt he first time. This time he will get the message loud and clear. Lamberti will crush this fool israel.

  8. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    The real problem is that no court in the land can clear that horrific under the basement stairs creepy voice of Bill Lewis.

    If I wanted a real scary voice for a Halloween tape of someone ready to commit page one axe murder or slashings, I would hire him in a heart beat to scare the local trick or treaters.

    No need for hockey mask gimmick, he has a death row mug.

  9. Pines Voter says:

    In the short time he has been Sheriff the incumbent has shown that he lacks the judgment to uphold the standard expected of our county’s chief law enforcement official. Time and time again his staff and close associates have been involved in criminal or reprehensible behavior. This cannot be allowed if our community is to be respected. It is time for a change at BSO.

  10. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Bill Lewis and his wife are nothing but pure WHITE TRASH!!!! The Secret Service cleared him!!!!! hahahaha!! He used a firearm during the commission of a felony!!! Jennifer next time don’t call anyone. Your a coward and an ass!!! The both of you are great examples for your children!!!

  11. Rosalind D'Angelo says:

    How many times has a woman declined to continue with the prosecution of her abuser because he threatened her with further harm, even threatening to kill her? From my own experience, I know how this happens and that it happens too often. Bill Lewis should be in jail. Instead he attends a political event. I want Al Lamberti out of office if this criminal, Bill Lewis, is the kind of person the Sheriff hires and surrounds himself with. I’m afraid of BSO deputies because of the general atmosphere of thuggery and abuse within the BSO and the history, under Lamberti’s leadership, of deputies harassing Broward residents.

  12. Andy Jackson says:

    BSO reglations prohibit BSO officers from associating with convicted felons. Lewis was convicted of armed cocaine trafficking. Lewis was Lamberti’s alter-ego and PAID campaign consultant and was fired ONLY when his criminal record was exposed.
    Lamberti has got to go !

  13. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti is the most ignorant, unethical, liar to ever shame BSO.

  14. Check your facts says:

    I don’t know Mr. Lewis or his Wife. But I do believe in fact checking ads or statements put out by any person that is asking for my vote. Those of you who call Mr. Lewis a felon have you bothered to check the prison records or any other information in Israel’s ads. Unless Mr. Lewis changed his race and other physical characteristics the “felon” is not him. Just because an SAO and Israel said it – you repeat it over and over as if it is fact. Get ready for the lawsuits, the truth is a complete defense let’s see who pays because they did not tell the truth. Not that the truth about anyone really matters as long as Israel can keep the lie going. I am much more concerned when the “sheriff to be” actually lies to the people he is supposed to protect then with a candidate who may or may not have people who work for him charged & arrested if they actually have committed a crime.

  15. Ron Gunzburger says:

    Respected journalist Michael Putney of Channel 10 went over every line in the anti-Lamberti ad and found each of them — including then Bill Lewis claims — to be true. See: http://www.local10.com/news/Truth-test-Ads-about-Broward-Sheriff/-/1717324/17152334/-/g0yd9wz/-/index.html

    FYI: Lewis’s felony armed cocaine trafficking conviction was a federal conviction, not a state one.