Update: Lamberti Supporter’s Arrest “A Mistake”?



An attorney for a key supporter of the Sheriff Al Lamberti’s re-election campaign called his arrest for domestic abuse a “mistake” and a “big misunderstanding” on Wednesday.

William E. Lewis, who in addition to being a Republican activist also has a radio show on AM 740 WSBR, “knows a lot of people in law enforcement”, his wife warned sheriff’s deputies when they responded to her 911 call almost a week ago.

The deputies’ report states that Lewis choked his wife with his hands until she was unable to breath. He then grabbed a cell phone away from her when she tried to call 911.  His two children reportedly witnessed the fight, according to the report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

He then fled from the house and she called 911.

When deputies arrived, she allegedly told them she was fearful because during an earlier fight, Lewis “sprayed her entire body” with Lysol and hit her in the face with the can causing her to get “several stitches above her eye.

Lewis was charged with a domestic violation with battery by touching or striking.  He was also charged with obstructing justice by tampering by stopping his victim from calling 911.

Styling himself a key member of the Lamberti re-election campaign, Lewis is frequently seen at the sheriff’s re-election events and other GOP affairs. He is a consultant who often receives money from campaigns, such as $7,600 he was paid for “media” by Julie Shapiro-Harris in her losing primary race for circuit court.

Lewis said he wasn’t being paid by the Lamberti campaign for helping on some of the sheriff’s computer media, such as Facebook.  Still, Lamberti told the Sun-Sentinel that he had fired Lewis.

Allegations immediately surfaced that Lewis was given special treatment by the sheriff’s department since the incident happened Thursday, August 23, but he didn’t surrender until Tuesday, August 28.

“That’s a complete falsehood,” John Contini, his attorney, said. “It’s called Hurricane Isaac..the storm came and there was a delay.”

At a bond hearing after spending the night in jail, his victim, his wife Jennifer, testified. She asked  that he be released and that Lewis be allowed contact with her.

“I love him,” Jennifer Lewis said. “I would love him to come home with me.”

But prosecutors argued that  Lewis has a past record in the 1990s.

After listing to both sides for less than three minutes, County Judge Christopher Pole ordered Lewis to have no contact with his wife except by telephone. Pole heard Lewis’ case because Judge Jay Hurley, the usual judge overseeing bond hearings, recused himself. Lewis said he knew Hurley from politics.

Lewis was freed on $5,000 bail.

“This whole thing is a huge misunderstanding, a mistake,” the attorney added. “The truth will come out.”


Bill Lewis and Al Lamberti 


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  1. Plantation Historian says:

    Big misunderstanding, let me get the popcorn ready this is going to be entertaining!


    WELL…WELL…WELL!!! Let’s see the real Bill Lewis!!! Only 1500.00 bond. Are you kidding me!!! I’m just waiting for Al to be picked up by the Feds. He can sit with his friend Bill.
    You know damn well he got special treatment!!!

  3. Fake Judge Hurley says:

    Fake Judge Hurley: Mr. Lewis please rise.

    Fake Judge Hurley: Ms. Lewis I see you are here, your not in fear of such a fine upstanding republican are you?

    Wife: no

    Fake Judge Hurley: Fine then, I am going waive bond and allow the couple to have contact.

    Mr. Lewis I now order you to go home make breakfast for your wife and watch Fox and Friends.

    Thereafter you will both attned an anti abortion rally and yell murderers to at least 5 liberal hippies.

    Later, you will then take your wife to lunch at the restaurant adjacent to Calvary Chapel and later pray to God (the right God, not the hippie liberal one) to forgive your wife for upsetting you enough to raise hands.

    In the evening you will attend a Romney fundraiser while discussing with your wife how liberals are too dumb to understand that legitimate rape is not a big deal and womens rights is the silliest thing ever.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Violence is never the answer.


    Mike Tyson


    After reading Lewis’s FaceBook. He took off to Key West. While everyone else was leaving????
    He told friends he had a coupon at the Sheraton Suites for stay one day and get two days free. Is this called avoiding arrest???

  6. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    You sure it wasn’t the Holiday Inn Express?

    Perhaps he was boning up in Key West (pun!) on his legal skills.


    William E Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”on AM 740 WSBR in South Florida was arrested for domestic violence on Tuesday.

    Lewis whose radio show not only discusses money issues, it also promotes conservative South Florida Republican candidates. Lewis was charged for touch or strike/battery and domestic violence and tampering in misdemeanor proceedings for depriving his victim of 911. He was released on $1,500 bond.

    Besides his radio show, Lewis is also the hired social media “voice” of Sheriff Al Lamberti where he maintains Lamberti’s Facebook and Twitter page often posting as the Sheriff. He also writes articles about credit repair that is distributed to various websites around the country.

    POSTING AS THE SHERIFF???? hahaha!!
    Al…wat up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chaz Stevens, Not a Genius says:

    Oh Chaz you of all people are running down somebody for domestic violence? You were locked up for the same charge if I remember right? Judge ye lest ye be judged!

  9. In Shock Says says:

    Wow beat your wife they waited 5 days to arrest him because of the hurricane we never had.

    This should be a huge news story I know Bill I hope this is a mistake.

    On his face book he doesnt even list that he has a wife.

  10. Just the Facts Please says:

    1. Hurley was not the judge on this case (Judge Pole).
    2. Hurley is a Catholic and would never attend Calvary Chapel.
    3. The bond in this matter was set at 5k by Judge Pole (not $1500. and not “waived”)

  11. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti being sheriff is a mistake, soon to be corrected, choking your wife is a crime. Next case.

  12. nannette says:

    Are you kidding me? What judge would allow contact? This discusts me.

  13. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually, I spent time (24 hrs) behind bars for violating a no-contact order… I’ve never been arrested for striking another person. But you already know that…

    Let me suggest… Take some batteries out of your hurricane supplies, jam them into that rabbit of yours, and do your best to not think about me.

  14. NY TOP COP says:

    Respectfully, a time for change is so evident in BSO. I am amazed at what is acceptable behavior on behalf of our appointed and elected officials. Change the course! Bring new leadership for the fine men and women that work tirelessly at BSO

  15. Kim and Kelly says:

    Actually Stevens,
    You should be arrested for stalking. But you already know that.

  16. Dear Just the facts says:

    I think the title “Fake Jay Hurley” was clear it was not the actual Judge Hurley, but a paradoy of Judge Hurley who allowed a guy who choked his wife to go free w/o bond when he agreed to take his wife bowling and red lobster.

    Only an idiot would think this was factual, oh Jay if this is you sorry to have confused you.

  17. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I really kicked your ass… Sent you back to a life of irrelevance. Thought you’d be something, didn’t you?

    How’d that work out?

    Too bad it was too easy, I’d had hoped for a better challenge.

    BTW, I just had dinner with Kelly… You seem so familiar with her, why don’t you give us a call this weekend? We’re on route to Atlanta.

  18. Johnny B says:

    So what? The guy was a vendor of the Sheriff’s as many other people. This is somehow Lamberti’s fault? Oh please!

  19. Undisputed Truth says:

    Here we see the hidden underbelly of Al Lamberti’s BSO.

    The story circulating in law enforcement circles is the deputy responded to the 911 call which the battered wife was forced to make from another phone. Lewis took her cell phone away to keep her from calling 911. That in itself is a felony in addition to the domestic battery.

    The story goes on that Lewis was indeed confronted by the deputy at the scene. The deputy was told by Lewis that he was not to arrest him because he was one of Lamberti’s campaign managers and a major fundraiser. This information was transmitted by the deputy up BSO’s chain of command. The deputy was then instructed not to arrest Lewis. That is a total violation of procedure.

    Where are all copies of the deputy’s police report, including prior “drafts”? I will bet everything I own there were several “edits” to that report which change the facts as originally reported by the deputy. You know for sure that he was covering his own butt. He had good reason to cover it.

    Whenever a deputy gets a domestic violence complaint and the suspect is present, that arrest needs to occur. Where the batterer has fled, especially when the suspect is a felon, an all points bulletin is put out to find him. An arrest warrant is obtained, calls are made to other jurisdictions where he would likely flee.

    None of that took place. Instead BSO knew he left the area and took no action to find him. He was likely armed or could have been armed and dangerous. They left him alone. Outrageous.

    Don’t tell me a rain storm prevented an arrest from happening. No idiot is going to believe an excuse that flimsy.

    Bill Lewis was given special treatment because he was on Al Lamberti’s campaign staff and because he is a fundraiser for the Sheriff. Period. Nothing else explains BSO’s handling of this case.

    This situation also shows that Al Lamberti pays off journalists off through his campaign account. Rumor is he has several reporters in the bag already. You can guess who those might be. They are being watched carefully and more is coming soon on them.

    Much suspect and disgusting than the lobbyist/campaign manager is the journalist on the take. Maybe we need our reporters to start filling out financial disclosure forms. Talk about ethics reform.

    Meanwhile, Lewis gets away with choking his wife in front of his kids, spraying her with Lysol and cutting her face. No arrest attempted. That is how Al Lamberti protects battered women in our community.

    This story will not go away soon.

  20. Just The Facts ll says:

    Undisputed Truth says:

    You are telling as many LIES, as Paul Ryan, did last night.
    THE PENDULUM SWINGS says: aka Amy Rose.
    What about Israel, having a campaign manager who is a known sleaze bag and scum. Acolyte of the corrupt lobbyist Barbara Miller

  21. Just Saying says:

    So Sheriff Lamberti was using a multi-convicted felon … a convicted armed cocaine trafficker … to run his political social media. Hmmm. Maybe you can (and should!) judge Al Lamberti by the company he keeps: William Lewis, Scott Rothstein, David Benjamin, Allen West, Rick Scott, Jeff Poole, Tom Wheeler, etc.

    Watch this video from Bill Lewis’ initial appearance in court yesterday. The prosecutor details his prior record as a multiple-time convicted felon: Convicted of State bad check charges (3rd deg felony) and grand theft (3rd deg felony) in late 1990s. Convicted of Federal conspiracy to traffic cocaine and possession of a firearm in the commission of a federal drug offense in the 1980s in which he was sent to federal prison and “his sentence was reduced to 132 months in federal prison” (11 years!!). Here is the link:


    AMAZING!!!! A crook to boot. He fits right in with Lamberti’s staff. I love the way his attorney starts lying about his past.

    Shame on you Mrs. Lewis. If you want to be battered that’s your choice. Where’s the love and concern for your children?? I see your husband turns to fellow inmates and smiles when she starts talking out her ass!!!

  23. Paging Dr Jekyll says:

    First off I am sorry to read about what happened to Jennifer, she is a lovely woman and extremely supportive of all his antics. It’s obvious by the mere fact that she spoke up for him in court and didn’t just throw him under the bus she loves him. You really don’t know what people’s personal lives are outside of the public eye. Perception is so false when you have a man or woman that gets so much attention and flattery building up their puny insecure egos all the time, Especially in political circles. Some of these Judges and political hacks get treated like a rock star by the kiss ass JQ public and think because they “know” cops and other influential people they are somehow above it all. Time for some humble pie Mr. Lewis, and a lot more respect and gratitude towards your wife and family.

  24. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Is Lewis the same dope I hear on cheap AM talk radio 1470? His voice usually gave me the heebie jeebies like some serial killer in a horror movie.

  25. @ swings says:

    Do you really think this is the “first time” he has ever pulled this crap on her. Doubt it, she probably got to the point of no return and was made to feel guilty for call the cops on his sorry ass. Have you ever met Lewis? If so then you know what an intense controlling personality he has.


    Yes…he is the same dope. If you go to his Facebook he acts like nothing happened.
    Lamberti forgot to read all his Policy&Procedures. You are not supposed to be associating with convicted Felons????


    This Deputy that did not place him under arrest needs to be fired!!!!


    Does this mean no more political schmoozing at Wings Plus?????

  29. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    “Yes…he is the same dope. If you go to his Facebook he acts like nothing happened.”

    I saw his picture in the Sun Sentinel.


    The judge needs to tack on an extra year for that mustache.

  30. Concerned Voter says:

    Isn’t this wife beater also a consultant for that wanna-be judge and tea party backed Robert “Bob” Nichols who prides himself as a date-rape drug expert?

  31. @ swings says:


  32. Tamarac Talk says:

    Swings: I just wrote an update. Not only did he spray her with lysol as Buddy stated, but this guy has a rap sheet and served 11 years in prison.

    He’s been posing as Al Lamberti on Facebook for awhile to many unsuspecting fans.

    While the shit was hitting the fan after his recent “alleged” incident, he’s enjoying Barcardi and Coke in Key West.

  33. N-er Please says:

    So Bill Lewis, so-called money/credit expert, political/social media expert, political hanger-on around town…..

    I wonder what candidates in the 2012 cycle actually used this crook/felon’s services.

    Well, we have Lamberti who had this guy acting as his “voice” on FB…..I have a feeling we’ll be seeing far far fewer posts from Lamberti.

    I also note that Judicial Candidate Julie Shapiro Harris paid Felon Bill Lewis $7,600.00 this cycle as well for some media services (whatever that is). She should explain why she paying a felon over $7k of campaign contributions.

    I also hear that Tea Party favorite Bob Nichols, whose claim to fame is as a prosecutor and date rape expert, also has close ties to Bill Lewis. He should be asked about this as well.

    They should all be asked about what they knew about Felon Bill Lewis and when they knew it.

  34. Robert "Bob" Nickles says:

    I wish I could help Mr Lewis. But my only client these days is Sylvia Poitier. My opponent runs commercials on Ilene Leiberman’s Tamarac Talk. Cheers Olga. Now back to facebooking!!!!!!!

  35. Tamarac Talk says:

    N-er Please:

    Candidates are paying him to be on his radio show. The radio show is actually “bought” time on the AM station. He is contracted by the station and provides his own advertising.

    You won’t find this station in the Arbitron ratings.

    Mostly Conservative Candidates “guest” on his “Money Show” and promote themselves. I also believe Wings Plus was another one of his big sponsors as he was promoting them as well. So this money that is being paid is legit.

    Bill has always been nice to me. I guess I could overlook his ex-con background but I cannot tolerate someone who beats his wife, even though it’s “alleged”. This was just too weird to make up. Unfortunately, his wife is a typical victim who wants her husband back. Same old story. She’s probably so beaten down by him. Sad.

  36. Plain Language says:

    Who will be writing Lamberti’s blog posts tomorrow. Charlie Manson perhaps? This is disgraceful. We are talking about the Sheriff here. How utterly disgraceful and how could he not possibly know that a member of his inner circle didn’t serve 11 years in jail? I simply do not believe anything BSO has said about this issue. Time for him to go.

  37. TangledWeb says:

    Maybe he will have another Facebook Party at Wings Plus to explain himself. He can use the time to explain his relationship with candidate Robert Sutton.

  38. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Tamarac Talk

    Did you really swear?

    You go girl. I knew you had it in you.

  39. Susanna Bott says:

    What a shame ~ I sure hope Jennifer Lewis seeks a Permanent Restraining Order, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Sole Custody of those beautiful 2-year old Twin babies & Little 6-year old Kate. Liquidate that bastard’s assets, and
    have a Judge order Psychological evaluation, Anger-Management, and Community Service At A Women’s Shelter, plus Counseling. *Wrapping your hands around and squeezing your wife’s neck IS domestic violence & battery ~ as is any emotional abuse, obstruction of justice not letting her call 911, threatening her, her having to live with a control-freak, and/or sustaining condescending remarks and verbal abuse she has had to endure. *
    I am a wife of a 17-year relationship of Domestic Violence * Jennifer is showing typical signs of a battered wife/ behavior of a victim in a co-dependent relationship@ to standup in Court for the abuser to come home *shame on your attorney John Contini for putting her in this position! * Along with your smug attitude at the Bond Hearing on video “swaying and looking over your shoulder like you’re some cool dude among your homies like she WANTS me back!” * PLEASE*** so disgusting!* The Judge is absolutely on-point redirecting you to have only telephone access * Jennifer and those children may Love you but at the hands of your anger, you are not showing THEM LOVE! * You are one scary MF-er * A can of Lysol, wtf?, you sprayed your wife with a can of Lysol and then hit her with it? What a jerk you are William E. Lewis. I wish I was your wife’s attorney! And I thought you were a jerk to Big Mama during Julie C. Shapiro-Harris’ Judicial Campaign ~ all you know how to do is threaten people, when does your anger end? * If I was your wife: It would be like this: TIME FOR A LIFE CHANGE! Open the book, start a New Chapter: Chapter 52 (babe) “Kick domestic violence abuser-control freak husband’s arse to the curb!: BOOM! ~ File for a divorce ~ Collect Alimony and Child Support for 3 Kids, Limited visitation while he’s in Therapy and then only supervised visits. Julie C. Shapiro-Harris is a social worker, psychology major, and working in the Domestic Violence Unit of the Broward County Courthouse * Jennifer seek your friends to help you, Contact Women in Distress (954) 760-9800.
    You are no friend of mine. WINGS PLUS and everyone else associated with William E. Lewis & Advertisers on Your Radio Show should drop you like a bad habit! & be equally ashamed of your behavior * you are a BAD Person * Peace Out >>> We don’t need you around any more! *

  40. Susanna Bott says:

    Bob Nichols ! ??? O he’s a slimy one too ~told me when he makes judge he is 1. getting rid of all his nice expensive suits and ties because he will no longer need the clothes to schmooze the judges, you know one kind of tie for the lady judges, “wild” ties for the gay judges, … etc.” (his words not mine) and that he can where shorts and tshirts under his robe and set his own docket for mornings only and “play in the afternoons” (wink-wink) `there’s always a hotel nearby!’ What a disgusting piglet he is … he was a cutie, but all too excited to make out with me in the stairwells of the Court house! Married lying bastard.(((( sigh )))) Checking ’em off one at a time. NEXT!

  41. TheSenator1 says:

    Lamberti and his entire corrupt command staff have to be driven out of town by the taxpayers. What they do is outrageous and intolerable. They are making us all look stupid for passively allowing this kind of behavior from law enforcement. Someone needs to demand the truth from the deputy who witnessed the incident. How can we stand for this stupidity and recklessness. Lamberti and gang don’t bother vetting anybody, they’re too self-absorbed covering their asses, at taxpayers expense again for all of the legal costs for their shenanigans. They’re like an evil Mayberry.

  42. 50/50 says:

    A Broward ASA was recently jailed for DV. It was posted on jaablog. Posters who claim to be prosecuters in DV Court opined that 50% of the cases in DV Court are BS. Let not rush to judgement. There are little children here who need both parents. Humans make mistakes. Sounds to me that both here are victims of their own doings.

  43. Tamarac Talk says:

    Susanna Bott,

    Great post and great advice. RE: Bob Nichols: Love that gossip! Stairwell? Holy crap! I hope his wife reads this!

    @Chaz, I got a potty mouth…I’m just being respectable woman on Buddy’s website. Keep cracking me up w/your one-liners. :)

  44. Billy Boy says:

    Hey Susanna Bott,

    Maybe hubby would not beat you up so much if you didn’t make out with strange men in the stairwells. Just saying.

    Q: What can you tell a woman with two black eyes?

    A: Nothing. You done told her twice already!

  45. Billy Boy says:

    Q: How do you fix a woman’s watch?

    A: You dont. There’s a clock on the stove.

    Q: How many guys does it take to open a beer?

    A: None. it should be open by the time she brings it to the couch.

    Q: What do all the women in the battered women’s shelter have in common?

    A: They all don’t listen.

  46. Chris Pike says:

    Without a doubt Democrats are trying to hurt Lamberti for having someone in his circle who commited a Felony.

    Bill Lewis did hard time (11 years) for the cocaine issue, I thought Democrats wanted right restored to felons after they complete their time. Or is just Democrat Felons who should their right back?

  47. Concerned Voter says:

    @ Susanna Bott

    Thanks for exposing Bob Nichols for the low-life he is.

    Susanna Bott says:
    Bob Nichols ! ??? O he’s a slimy one too ~told me when he makes judge he is 1. getting rid of all his nice expensive suits and ties because he will no longer need the clothes to schmooze the judges, you know one kind of tie for the lady judges, “wild” ties for the gay judges, … etc.” (his words not mine) and that he can where shorts and tshirts under his robe and set his own docket for mornings only and “play in the afternoons” (wink-wink) `there’s always a hotel nearby!’ What a disgusting piglet he is … he was a cutie, but all too excited to make out with me in the stairwells of the Court house! Married lying bastard.(((( sigh )))) Checking ‘em off one at a time. NEXT!

  48. Captain Doug says:

    Right Wing Big Mouth Steve Kane is friends with Bill Lewis and has had him guest host on his radio show.

    Kane has been silent all week on the arrest and wouldn’t take calls about it on his radio show.

  49. kim and kelly says:

    So nice Kelly is taking you on a road trip! Must be boring staying at Pop’s house all the time.

  50. Christine says:

    To Kim and Kelly,
    Now if she would only leave him there….

  51. Susanna Bott says:

    To Billy Boy:

    Wow! Really? hahaha~ Sounds like you are an abuser yourself. First, you are a coward to use “Billy Boy” and not expose your identity >…Confidence is the first thing to go!..>You are exhibiting Classic bullying-style symptoms, and as a veiled womanizer this is what you are.<<< Your comments are horrid! Shame on you. God knows who you are , be very afraid of His wrath.

    FYI: Susanna Bott never cheated on her husband of 18 years; date followed a final divorce decree. Stairwell making-out proposal was just that: a proposal for some hot kissing, and never "a sealed deal".
    However, I believe you would have loved "watching"!!! & Learning!

    My husband did not beat me up & FYI he now pays Permanent Modifiable Alimony~ if you have a wife, I'd love to help her & guide her so you can join him, you seem to be following in his footsteps! ;D

    Happier times. <3

  52. Concerned and will eat a bully wife beater for breakfast says:

    For Billy Boy you must be a wife beater!!! Stop harrasing Susanna Bott! You must be william lewis with pseudo name Billy Boy

  53. Keeping it real says:

    For Billy Boy you must be a wife beater… Are you harrasing Susanna Bott? You must be william lewis with pseudo name Billy Boy

  54. Keeping it real says:

    Guess they are blocking my comments because Billy Boy is more important

  55. The Truth says:

    There is no more permanent alimony. The legislature change the law to make it fair.

  56. Susanna Bott says:

    Question/Comment for John Contini, Mr. Lewis’ attorney: ‎”Personally, you write an article & post it to FaceBook re: “How Can You Be a Christian and Defend the Guilty” ~ (((interesting timing everything considered))) and when I post a question to your posted article, my post keeps disappearing, odd! 1. You write in a condescending manner; 2. Why do you keep avoiding the questions surrounding Bill Lewis and his reprieve of five (5) days to surrender himself? 3. How do the rest of us get a deal like that: is it professional courtesy, high-profile status of person in question, ability to pay lawyer’s fees likes yours? (because I thought “we were all supposed to be treated equal in the eyes of the law”~ hmmmm 4. and, a better question than the one you propose above, is one more direct to you: you seem like a super-Christian “Why did you, John Contini, choose the path of law defending people who may be guilty vs. ministry and advocacy?” (Just wondering.) “

  57. Bob Nichols says:

    I appologize to all the readers who have been made a party to the unstable venom of Sussanna Bott. I have been very happily married for 24 years and have a wonderful family. I know Ms. Bott only because, at the request of a dear friend, I agreed to help her resolve her domestic violence case. It is my job and duty as an attorney to help people in need even when those people are unstable and outwardly volatile. Ms. Bott has somehow convinced herself that she and I have had some sort of relationship. She frequently sends me bizarre messages which I simply ignore. She has now decided to attack me and my family, for what reason I cannot say. Those who know me know that my family is loving and solid and will always remain that way. It is our hope that Ms. Bott will leave us alone and that she receives the help that she needs.

  58. donny says:

    Why are we being subjected to the rantings and ravings of an unbalanced mind. Hey lady, take your anger outside. It doesn’t belong here. It is called trolling and it is loony tunes already

  59. Sam The Sham says:

    I don’t know how much of what Susanna Bott says is true. Maybe and maybe not.

    On the other hand, I think it has pretty much been proven here that one thing that Bob Nichols said is true, Susanna Bott is unstable.

  60. The Pendulum Swings says:

    I see that William E Lewis has a 1988 arrest for Impersonating an Officer. He recently told a friend he worked undercover for BSO. Is his friend “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” Al Lamberti going to use this as an excuse for his buddy. Saying his arrest and felony record were necessary charges used to get info from the bad guys???

  61. The Pendulum Swings says:

    It’s amazing that when people don’t want to hear the facts they call people unstable. That’s an old one people. Check your facts before opening your mouth.

  62. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Jennifer Dwyer Lewis and her hubby seem to be or have been in serious financial trouble. Several foreclosures. Who do they hire. Their long time buddy Carlos J. Reyes. It just keeps getting better!!!


    It is not a crime to be in “serious financial trouble”. The did away with debtors jails a hundred years ago. Maybe once having financial problems is why he knows something about credit counseling, which I’m told is his business.

  63. Woman Voter says:

    @ Bob Nichols

    You admit Ms Bott is your client and now you attack a client or former client. Doesn’t sound ethical to me Mr Nichols.

    PS I don’t know who you’re trying to fool but you have a reputation for, shall I say, Bill Clinton-like behavior. Ms Bott may be a spurned lover, but she’s not unstable.

  64. The Pendulum Swings says:

    No Buddy it’s not a crime. It just shows their character. Some people resort to illegal dealings to pay their debts. This seems to be the case with back check writing. Maybe selling cocaine?

    I would like to know where the Broward county Comm and Clerk of Courts comes in as Defandants against the Banks which are plantiff’s? Along with his other charges he alledgedly has a charge for Impersonating an Officer in which he recently told a friend he worked undercover at BSO. This guy has no Moral Compass.

    Would you give him all your private info to repair your credit?


    I don’t need to repair my credit.

  65. The Pendulum Swings says:

    You may say debtors jails was gone away with . Try not paying your debts. BSO will be at your door with “A Writ of Attachment.” Your are going to jail unless the debt is paid.

  66. PBA Rep says:

    Buddy. We would love to see you show up at the PBA candidate screening, Friday, September 14th. Candidate Israel will start at 7pm followed by Lamberti. I hope to see you there!