Update: Consultants Got Big $$$$ For Lamberti’s Losing Race



Political consultants are always winners.

It doesn’t matter if their candidates win or lose.  They collect a pay check and go on to the next campaign.

Take Danielle DiNicola and her DPF Consultants LLC in Davie.  She was the Broward Sheriff’s Office external affairs liaison who ran Sheriff Al Lamberti’s re-election.

Lamberti got creamed.  DiNicola and her company got over $96,000.

That doesn’t include the reimbursements and pass throughs.

And it doesn’t include her salary from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. DiNicola continued to work for $77, 734-a-year while running the campaign.  She left BSO on Jan.  14, 2013, just days after the new Sheriff Scott Israel was sworn in.

Her share was about 15 percent of Lamberti’s total expenditures of $651,962  — a figure that doesn’t include tens of thousands spent by committee’s backing Lamberti.

(There were committee’s also working for Israel, too.)

Other consultants picking up green from the failed campaign were Bill Lewis, whose company got $11,000 for “social media strategies.”  Lewis arrest for wife beating — he was subsequently cleared — embarrassed Lamberti during the campaign.

And Democratic consultant Ron Mills and his Footprint Strategies received 7,000 for “voice blasts.”

One curious thing I noticed in Lamberti’s spending disclosure:  The ex-sheriff spent $50,000 for ads in the Sun-Sentinel and another $6,245 for Tribune Direct, which is the mail operation of the Sun-Sentinel’s parent company.

Danielle DiNicola’s husband, Nick DiNicola, is listed on various Internet sites as an advertising account executive for the Sun-Sentinel.

Danielle and Nick DiNicola

11 Responses to “Update: Consultants Got Big $$$$ For Lamberti’s Losing Race”

  1. Cherry on top says:

    DiNicola also appears to have or been eligible to receive 16k as part of Lamberti’s 5 million dollar payout to his pals for sick time etc

    This link has another link to the list of who get the bucks when Al left.


  2. Lamberti is garbage says:

    she was useless

  3. LEZ not forget says:

    Lets not forget Amy Rose and her cushy new job with an undisclosed salary (in a public office) or what her husband Wally Eccleston is doing around the PSB after he quit his post in Jeremy Rings office. Hmmmm, so how about we report all of the facts buddy.

  4. Don Turner says:

    Lamberti had a corrupt operation that had a new scandal every week. While it would be difficult for any consultant to defend him, Buddy’s column clearly indicates the DiNicola’s were also very much on the take so what do you expect? It said Bill Lewis was cleared but if failed to mention that Lamberti chose to overlook his extensive prison time and felony record. It’s nice to have Scott Israel on the job!

  5. Reader between the lines says:

    If I had to guess a potion of this money went to people like Judy Stern and Neal Dejesus who were involved in both the Granteed and Lamberti campaigns. Remember Al and the boys financed 2 campaigns his own and Granteed.

  6. Brian Craig says:

    DiNicola killed her “Golden Goose,” no doubt, but was anything wrong here, or illegal or unethical?

    Lamberti’s mistake was underestimating Israel and those behind him.

    Sheriff Israel had an incredible organization with a lot of heavy hitters behind him who are very well connected, like Ron Gunzberger. They organized and ran an incredible campaign, that Lamberti and the Broward Republicans never saw coming.

    On election night I talked with a high level Broward Republican and insider with Lamberti’s campaign. While we were watching the returns come in for Obama, they said don’t worry Sherriff Al has nothing to worry about.

    People can talk about campaign consultants getting big pay days, and Lamberti’s connections with people with a checkered past costing him the election, none of that cost him the election.

    It’s simple, Sheriff Israel had a brilliant campaign staff. That’s it.

  7. The Critic says:

    I visited nearly all of the early voting sites in Broward. Israel had at least half a dozen enthusiastic supporters at each one working the hell out of the lines, reminding people that he was a Democrat, telling them about his plans to change the culture of corruption at BSO. He won early voting 2-to-1. Enough said.

  8. Lamberti is garbage says:

    What is really great is that Lamberti is still out..

  9. timmy d says:

    Brian, you are 100% wrong. Stats show Lamberti won absentee and election day and lost during early voting due to the Blue card and turnout for Obama. As much as you would like to give Israel and Gunzburger credit, they had absolutely zero to do with him winning the election. For that matter, this race had nothing to do with either Lamberti or Israel, but the number of Dems who voted straight party line on the ticket and turned out for Obama. Period, end of story. Sorry to rain or your BS parade!

  10. Seen on Facebook says:

    Interesting commentary on the facebook link to this article by Judy Stern’s daughter Barbra. I saw Babs was scolding Buddy for not writing about who got paid by Israel and making accusations about certain people getting paid.

    Interesting for a family like the Stern’s who claimed they had nothing to do with Granteed or Lamberit they are so vociferous about what Isreal did or didn’t do.

    Secondly, Ms. Stern should stop the farce that she can be an impartial member of the Florida Elections Commission while it is clear by her public comments that she is probably has more than just opinions in partisan races.

    Finally, why hide your comments in the rarely viewed Facebook posts and not say them here? Trying to protect that FEC position?

  11. ifitsonthenetitstrue says:

    The sterns literally had nothing to do with the race. had they have exposed the scott rothstein connection to scott israel, israel may have lost… follow the yellow brick road moron:

    Jenne gets ousted; thinks its Lamberti who ratted him out; Spends a year in Jail; Gets out and Works for Rothstein’s firm; Rothsteins firm donates money to both Lamberti and Israel; Lamberti wins; then Rothstein gets arrested; Jenne joins with his old bud todd wilder in Brickle; Citizens against Corruption ECO starts out of a house of a hispanic woman in Miami who knows nothing of a PAC or ECO; Israels wife appears in a CAC youtube video; Mitch Caesar has an issue with the validity of Israels candidacy but the Young Democrats put Israel on their voting guide anyway and the democrat grassroots just want a dem in so they put every dem on their guide despite zero vetting; Israel wins by 6% and 45K votes (loses in own backyard and BSO district); Few weeks after being sworn-in Israel invites Roger Stone and Ken Jenne into PSB??? Angelo and Lisa Castillo obtain high level admin positions and make over $240K together (btw what does commissioner angelo castillo do and bring to bso?) Oh you know Lisa Castillo right? She used to be Judy Sterns Right hand lady. Judy also got Angelo elected.

    read a book