Accused GOP Consultant Had Demo Friends, Too.


Accused wife-beater Bill Lewis not only cozied up to Republicans as a consultant.

Here he is with State Attorney Mike Satz, a Democrat.  (Sorry about the size of the photo, which was kindly sent by a reader.)

Wait a minute.  Isn’t Satz’s pitbulls prosecuting Lewis for domestic abuse?


Is that a recusal I smell?

9 Responses to “Accused GOP Consultant Had Demo Friends, Too.”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Wrong species, Buddy. No pitbulls anywhere in Satz’s public corruption office! You must be thinking of the Satz office in charge of railroading poor people who can’t afford pricey lawyers.

    Here’s the link to the Satz-approved species of prosecutor for politically connected law-breakers:

  2. N-er Please says:

    There’s a difference between having your photo taken at a fundraiser or event (all you need to do is stand next to the pol) versus being a paid consultant and voice of an elected official.

    I’m no Satz fan, but what if anything did he ever pay to Felon Lewis? Did he just happen to be at the same charitable or campaign event and have his photo taken?

    Far different than Lamberti turning over his entire social media presence to Lewis, having him participate in the campaign in such a meaningful way, even though Felon Lewis is just recently out of the federal pen for felony drug distribution charges.

    Lamberti can’t even take 5 minutes to have background checks done of the people he is hiring to do the high level messenging for his campaign?

    Poor judgment.

    N-er please….there’s a big difference here.

  3. Norm Price says:

    What happened to being innocent until being proven guilty? There are charges and thats all it is at this point. If he took her phone please explain how she was able to call 911 and if I am not mistaken she spoke on behalf of him when he was in court. Quit making your own judgements without knowing all the facts

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    Bill Lewis supports Republican, BIG NEWS, 50 posts.

    Bill Lewis supports Democrat, Big Snooze, 3 posts.

  5. Bill Livesay says:

    It’s not the size of the photo, it’s the size of Mike Satz.

  6. Captain Doug says:

    Any details on Lewis’s past Drug crimes? I’m wondering how so many top politicos didn’t know anything about Bill Lewis.

    Al Lamberti was not alone, Bill Lewis is hooked up with almost all the local conservative political power brokers. They were all snowed by him.

    If any of them had any idea he had done serious time for the drug crimes they would not have had anything to do with him.

    I’ve listened to him on the radio for years and years and I think everyone is shocked that he did 11 years in Federal lockup.

    His main business is credit repair & identity theft. That means people were giving a convicted cocaine dealer all of their personal information, social security numbers and god only know what else. Would anyone have given him any information if they had the slightest idea of his drug conviction and weapons charge?

    Was he arrested in south Florida for the cocaine charges? Did he change his name when he came to south Florida after he got out of jail?


    What about the idea that once somebody has served their time, they should be given a chance to again become a meaningful member of society?

  7. Fake Mike Satz says:

    Innocent until proven guilty? Ha! I don’t believe that BS – ask Talabisco, Boccard and Powers. All I believe in is ME.

  8. The Pendulum Swings says:

    Bill Lewis is now telling people he worked as a BSO undercover Deputy!!!! Bill really!!!

  9. Pay your way says:

    The guy cant afford to pay his lake association dues. Would you trust him with your personal info?