Eye Doctor Busted In Mutual Benefits Probe


Alan Mendelsohn, a Hollywood eye doctor who was once one of Florida’s biggest GOP fund raisers, has been arrested on charges connected with the Mutual Benefits insurance scam.

He is charged with an eye-popping (I couldn’t help myself) 27 counts of wire and mail fraud and five counts of lying to federal agents.

Mendelsohn is alleged to have used false solicitations to raise some of the $2 million in political contributions he collected over the past decade.  He is charged with falsely claiming he had brokered a deal to stop the investigation into Mutual Benefits, a multi-million dollars insurance Ponzi scheme.

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Is Joe’s Pension Safe?


There was a lot of talk Thursday on why the feds nabbed Josephus Eggelletion for money laundering, which has nothing to do with his county commission job.

The fact that the charge is money laundering could have a future impact on taxpayers.  Could Eggelletion collect his pension even if convicted because his crime didn’t involve public office? Continue reading